Episode #87 // Mixing Friends and Business with Shauna Haider and Gala Darling

Shauna Haider & Gala Darling on Being Boss

Today we’re talking Shauna Haider and Gala Darling all about business besties, balancing friendship and business when you go into business with a friend, doing what you believe in (despite the haters), and how to make friends as an adult. This episode is brought to you by: FreshBooks Cloud Accounting Small Business Accounting Software Designed […]

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Episode #86 // Being Boss for Makers and Artists with Nicole Stevenson

Nicole Stevenson Being Boss for Makers & Artists

Today’s episode is for makers and artists. We’re talking with illustrator, artist, writer, and co-founder of Dear Handmade Life, Nicole Stevenson. We dive into pricing your products, making money as an artist, and that when you go into a business as an artist or maker, you’re selling more than just your art. This episode is […]

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MINISODE // What is a Smart Way to Invest When You’re Just Getting Started?

smart way to invest

Today’s minisode is all about how to finance a launch and where to invest your money when you’re just getting started. This minisode is brought to you by: Rock Your Web Design Business A 10-week program to help web designers solidify their systems and processes for packaging, selling, and delivering website projects. It’s processes, checklists, […]

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Episode #85 // Organizing and Attending Conferences & Retreats with Kristy Oustalet

Organizing & attending conferences with Kristy Oustalet

Today we want to talk about conferences, retreats, and the importance of OFFLINE connections! We’re talking about what it takes to put on your own conference or retreat – and we thought we’d invite our friend Kristy Oustalet on to chat with us about this. We first met Kristy when she attended our very first […]

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Episode #84 // Little Steps to Big Change with Katie Lee

Katie Lee on Being Boss Podcast

Today we’re talking to lifestyle designer and self-published author, Katie Lee, all about how to design a beautiful, simplified everyday life that helps you feel more satisfied, fulfilled, and ultimately—boss! We’re also digging into what it takes to self-publish a book and what you can learn about yourself and your business through the book writing […]

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Episode #83 // Find Your Style with Tiffany Ima

Personal style with Tiffany Ima

Today we’re talking with Tiffany Ima, a stylist and image coach for coaches and speakers. Tiffany shares how you can build authority and confidence with an intentional style that reflects your message and personality, so today we’re talking about how we can use our style to enhance our personal brand to make us more boss. This episode […]

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