Episode #134 // Rejection and Resilience with Jessica Lauren

Jessica Lauren of No Real Jewelry on Being Boss Podcast

Jessica Lauren of No Real Jewelry joins us to talk about resilience in the face of rejection, growing a style blog, and finding the balance of being vulnerable and real while still sharing a curated image of yourself on social media. This episode is brought to you by: Small Business Accounting Software Designed for You […]

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Episode #133 // Launching Before You’re Ready with Merideth VanSant

Merideth VanSant Being Boss Podcast

Merideth VanSant, founder of 405 Yoga and True U Girls, joins us on Being Boss to talk about quitting her corporate job to start a yoga studio, giving the middle finger to fear, and focusing on community and listening to your clients to grow your business and stand out from your competitors. This episode is […]

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Episode #132 // Maker Boss with Nicole Bisby

Nicole Bisby on Being Boss Podcast

Candlemaker, Nicole Bisby, shares the importance of starting small and growing slowly as a maker business to stay profitable, out of debt, and be true to your ideals. We’re talking about getting wholesale clients, white labeling your product, and hiring employees + setting up your business to be a successful business owner while being a mother. […]

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Episode #131 // Be Brave with Kristen Kalp

Kristen Kalp Being Boss Podcast

Life coach, Kristen Kalp, joins us today to talk about being brave and showing up for yourself in your life and in your business. We’re talking about weighing the desire of a six-figure income vs. showing up for authentic human connection in your business, separating your work’s worth from your self-worth, and taking the time […]

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