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Being Boss is owning who you are,
knowing what you want,
and actually making it happen.

We all want more money, time, confidence, focus, and adventure – just to name a few.

In fact, we want it all – and we want to enjoy the process along the way.

(And we’re proof that it’s possible.)

Do you want it too?

The most boss creative entrepreneurs we know have a couple of key
things in common. They’re confident. They know what they want, and
they know how to make it happen. They work in a way that’s smarter, not harder.

They focus on impact and strategy, and have no problem seeing the big picture, or breaking it down into a plan to get it done.

They work like artists, makers, and shakers, but they think like entrepreneurs. And they implement and deliver like a boss.

These traits of being boss – fusing
the impact you know you want
to make with the skills you have
and confidence you crave – are
exactly what we’re here to help
you cultivate.

Because running a creative business online is hard work. It takes a
committed dedication to your craft, unwavering focus on your
goals, and reliance on your skills to take you from dreaming and
scheming about what’s next to actually doing the work.

If you’re like most of our hungry, driven listeners and readers, you…

  • Struggle with fraudy feelings or imposter syndrome, having a hard time owning your expertise
  • Are afraid of big goals, or the work that’s required to get you there
  • Are overwhelmed by all of your ideas, or what you feel like it will take to reach your dreams
  • Struggle with time-management or deciding what to do next
  • Crave reach, knowing your message and purpose will do some good in the world but feel like just another voice in the saturated crowd.

We know what you want out of your creative business – because we’ve been there, too. We’ve coached hundreds of people just like you. You’re our people.

You desire…

  • The freedom to work the way you want, when you want, where you want
  • Financial independence, and perhaps the exciting prospect of unlimited earning potential
  • A business that is scalable, allowing you to work smarter, not harder
  • The courage to set big goals, and the know-how to make them a reality
  • Support from people who actually get what you do

You want an online business that allows you to make money
doing what you love. Boss, we’ve got you.

The Being Boss Clubhouse is where we teach you
how to be boss of your life and work.


Being boss expands your capacity
for success (as you define it)…

You might be thinking that wildly improbable success is for “other people”.

You might imagine they have something you don’t – perhaps they are more popular, have a trust fund, or were simply in the right place at the right time.

But that’s where you’d be wrong.

We don’t actually believe that everyone has what it takes. But if you’re reading this you probably do – we’ll show you.

We’re self-starting boot-strappers who started from zero and built our businesses from scratch. We don’t come from a lineage of entrepreneurs, and we’ve been figuring it out as we go from day one.


The story of Kathleen’s creative career began when she spent years in an advertising agency, honing her craft in graphic design. Then one day she felt a tug from the other side – she wanted to see the world, write, design, share her adventures along the way, and be her own boss. Kathleen launched Braid Creative with her sister in 2011 and within the first year she was able to double the salary she earned as a senior art director at her day job. Her clients have included big names like Dr. Brené Brown, and Melissa Hartwig of Whole30, but she’s really passionate about coaching and branding solopreneurs – like photographers, designers, writers, and coaches – who not only want to be known for what they’re best at, but who want to blend more of who they authentically are into the work they do.

Kathleen received 9 months of intensive life coaching training from Martha Beck in 2013 and along with helping creative entrepreneurs with their personal brands, she began helping them uncover what they really want followed by step-by-step action plans to make their dreams a reality.


Emily was a self-starter from the get-go and began her trajectory of being her own boss by owning a tanning salon in college – no joke. Then, as a young mom and ambitious entrepreneur, she stretched her creative expression and flexed her entrepreneurial muscle by making jewelry and selling it online. That’s when her passion for online business began. She moved from designing jewelry to designing websites when she found herself helping other makers get off Etsy and onto their own platform, where they could make more profit doing what they love. Her natural talent for coding, project management, and ability to use metrics to make calculated decisions has allowed her to continue to expand reach and impact for online business owners ever since.

Since 2010, Emily has dedicated her career to teaching creatives how to start online businesses that work. In fact, it was her idea for Braid Creative to turn their branding method and expertise into an ECourse that has since earned over six figures in sales! It was Emily who pitched Kathleen to start the podcast that became Being Boss. She has her finger on the pulse, and the chops to launch like a boss.


Being boss doesn’t mean you won’t fail. In fact, if you’re truly boss, you will absolutely fail, over and over again.

We are not an overnight success story.

Sure, we’ve had a lot of wins, but that doesn’t go without failures and disappointments along the way.

In 2011, we had an idea. We wanted to launch a weekend workshop where we would teach creative entrepreneurs everything we know about our combined expertise in branding, building an online business, and marketing it to attract the dreamiest of customers.

And it totally bombed. In spite of our best efforts, we didn’t really know what we were doing yet. Only one person signed up, so we called it quits.

Being boss doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes along the way. Even the most calculated risks and perfectly planned launches can be anticlimactic bummers.

We learned that being boss is having the courage to keep chasing your goals – no matter how slow your steps may feel at times.

From this total failure, we learned a couple of things:

  1. Community is everything. Together we looked at what went wrong, and discussed lessons learned and next steps. Plus, failure is easier when you’re not all by yourself.
  2. We took what worked and applied it to our businesses. That weekend workshop was branded as “Indie Shopography” – the positioning was so strong Emily used it to rebrand her web design & strategy business. Kathleen then took the ambitious multi-city workshop we dreamed about and hosted a successful branding workshop in her own city.
  3. Our impact was online. At that time we learned our energy was best spent in the arena where we were already growing (online) but kept our long-term vision on hosting in-person events one day.

Being boss is doing the work, and having the courage to chase your goals.

So, fast forward a few years… In 2015, with a few more years of experience and growth, we took our original idea – to teach creative entrepreneurs everything we know about our combined expertise in branding, building an online businesses, and marketing it to the dreamiest of customers – and started the Being Boss podcast. It was a side project we were passionate and excited about, and it quickly exceeded our expectations when it quickly turned into a business that required a bank account of its own.

Our goal of a weekend workshop didn’t quite pan out as we had originally imagined – instead, it manifested as something even bigger and better than we could have ever dreamed of. But it never would’ve happened without the support of each other, accountability from our creative community, and failures lessons learned along the way.

The Clubhouse is where we’re in it together, so you’re not figuring it out alone.

So, what’s the secret?

The secret is that there is no secret.

There is no single formula, course, or book that will teach you what you need to know in order to have anything and everything you want.

But here’s what we’ve learned along the way:

  • set up a solid foundation built on intention
  • understand how to define success on your terms
  • commit to big ass goals
  • break those big-ass goals down into small action steps
  • make faster decisions
  • trust yourself to see it through
  • enjoy the process
  • know how to measure what’s working and what isn’t along the way
  • and have smart, ambitious, friends along the way…

Those are the “secrets” to how bosses get what they want.

Listen, we’re not going to give you a step-by-step blueprint or promise you fail-proof advice – but we will lead by example, share our experience, expertise, personal stories, and pepper those with tactics and “try this” exercises – so you can trust that you can figure it out and do the work.

Because when it doesn’t work (and trust, it won’t always work) you’ll be able to get up, dust off, and get back on course.


This is not another course that you don’t have time for. We’re not demanding more from you. We’re demanding better of you.

The Being Boss Clubhouse is a place for you to define your goals, set intentions, build healthy boundaries, and cultivate habits that will help you reach success on your terms (we’ll help you figure out what those terms are, too!). In this space, you will meet a tribe of like-minded creatives who are ready to level-up and are committed to chasing their goals.

The Clubhouse begins with a 2-day online retreat, followed by 12 months of community support, including monthly masterclasses with Emily & Kathleen, secret podcast episodes, and an exclusive forum where you can connect with your fellow bosses, brainstorm business ideas, and hold each other accountable to doing the work.


  • More noise that will distract you from doing the work
  • A place to procrastinate
  • A one-size-fits-all formula or blueprint promising unrealistic success


  • Space to find your focus and hold you accountable to your goals
  • A framework for creating an action plan that works for you
  • Cultivating confidence to trust yourself and make better decisions for your business




This 2-day retreat is an opportunity to share a group coaching experience with a tribe of like-minded creative business owners who, along with Emily & Kathleen, can support you in setting the foundation for growing your online business over the next year.

In two days you will define intentions, goals, boundaries, and habits that will direct the next year of your business.

You will have more focus, confidence, and clarity that will help you make better decisions (and more money!).

We didn’t want to develop another course that sits on your desktop and makes you feel guilty for never finding the time to actually do it. Along with a small group of creatives, Emily & Kathleen will coach you through a series of exercises that are workshopped on the spot (we told you – this is not just another online course you won’t complete). Over two days, we will mastermind and set the foundation of what your next year of being boss will look like in your work and life. We want you to trust yourself, the decisions you make, and the path you’re headed down.

In our 2-day retreat we’ll cover our very best, most-effective tools for developing self-reliance and confidence. We’ll do the work to:

  • establish intentions so you can understand your “why”
  • set big goals like a boss + define action-steps to bee-line your path to success
  • outline daily structure, habits, & routines so you can stay focused
  • learn tools + techniques to position yourself as a powerful and influential leader




Our 2-day online retreat of powerful work is followed up by monthly masterclasses with Emily & Kathleen that will deepen your focus, answer your questions, and teach you tactics, trends, and ways of working to be more boss. We’ll cover topics including:

  • Time & project management techniques + tools
  • Money-making strategies, from attracting customers to closing the deal
  • Boundaries and habits for working smarter
  • Meaningful networking and relationship-building
  • Techniques for growing your business model in a sustainable way




Join your community to chat face-to-face with Emily, Kathleen, and each other about topics that affect your creative business – from growing your following and organizing your time to selling what you do. Get your questions answered, gather advice and feedback, and grow in your community.

P.S. – These monthly calls are our personal favorite part of the Clubhouse!




With over three million downloads, our podcast reaches a lot of ears. We get even more vulnerable with behind-the-scenes content and insider info from Emily + Kathleen in these secret podcast episodes, delivered only to our Clubhouse members, once a month.




We don’t want to add to the noise or distract you from doing the work, but we do want to give you a place to connect with Emily, Kathleen, and a community of committed bosses who are going to be supportive, hold each other accountable, and have productive conversations.

In our Being Boss community forum you will be able to:

  • stay connected with bosses from your online retreat class
  • save your seat to the monthly masterclass
  • easily access the secret episodes
  • connect with bosses in your city or state
  • hold relevant conversations with and seek support from other creatives doing business online

We know you want that magic formula or silver bullet. In fact, you may have already spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on courses or coaches that don’t get you the results or confidence you crave. When you join the Clubhouse you will begin by creating ambitious goals that are authentic to your creative career. And they’re going to require work.

What you really need is a set of reliable tools and tactics that will support you in your own creative approach.

Plus one go-to place to have your questions answered by a pack of committed bosses and mentors who’ve got your back.


“I freakin’ love it here. Thank you so much for this community. The friendships I’m forming in this group are likely to be ones that last, and I’m so grateful for it.”

– ERYN G, marketing and business strategy



You might be wondering if the Clubhouse is for you, or who else will be joining you in the 2-day online retreat. Our Clubhouse members are creative entrepreneurs, like coaches, designers, photographers, writers, marketing strategists, wellness professionals, web developers, makers, and more – at various stages of their online business, from side-hustling their dream job to paying the bills doing what they love.

You are ready for the Clubhouse if you are interested in:

  • Growing your list and online following
  • Scaling your business model
  • Making more money (without doing more work)
  • Creating a more structured and productive work day

Or maybe you’re struggling with:

  • Carving out time to do more of what you love
  • Battling burnout (that good ol’ work / life balance)
  • Working as efficiently as possible
  • Decision fatigue, overwhelm, or self-doubt

Let’s take Amy, for example, who is a successful wellness professional with a background in acupuncture. She has a booming in-person practice but is ready to scale her offering to an online market so she can reach more dream customers who need help fueling their hustle with healthy habits and routines. The Clubhouse introduced her to a network of her dream customers, helped her find her business besties, and gave her the insights and support to launch her signature program.

“Joining the Being Boss Clubhouse has been a total game-changer in how this one-time introvert now networks with other bosses.

I loved the Facebook group – I had been involved since the beginning – but I soon felt overwhelmed by the huge sea of voices. Then I entered the clubhouse and immediately felt as if I’d arrived home.

Remember that show Cheers? Where everyone knows your name? The Clubhouse is my neighborhood bar full of bosses.

Popping in after work to ask a question, join a discussion, or voice a fear now feels safe, welcoming, and ridiculously helpful. And since joining, I’ve connected with some truly amazing bosses who’ve become mentors, clients, and friends.

If you feel like you’re drowning in the traditional online networking channels, you need the Clubhouse in your life.”

– AMY K, health coach + acupuncurist



Other bosses who have joined the Clubhouse include:

  • A successful copywriter who is dreaming of quitting her day job to be her own boss
  • A wellness coach who wants to get organized and launch a group offering
  • A graphic designer who wants to transition into consulting on brand strategy
  • An artist who wants to coach other women on how to unlock their creative potential
  • A jewelry maker who wants to raise her prices and sell more work on a national and international platform


“Without Being Boss, I would not be where I’m at in my business today.

I’ve not only made some awesome boss friends, but have seen many of these boss friends turn into clients as well. It has returned my initial investment multiple times over. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!”

– KALI E, web designer

Apply to Join

Apply to join the Clubhouse

Enrollment is limited to bosses who are ready to level-up and are committed to kicking fear to the curb, showing up, and doing the work.

Sign up and we’ll send you a link to our application. Plus, we’ll share more details about when our next enrollment period is open and answer any questions you might have about whether the Clubhouse is right for you.


12 Monthly Payments of

$300 USD

Have questions?

If you sign up for the Clubhouse now, where will your business be in 3, 6, or 12 months from now?

What will you wish you had started sooner? How much faster would our support have gotten you there? That’s six more months without having a go-to place to ask your business questions from bosses you trust.


We have found that when we invest in our businesses, and bet on our own success with cash money, we are more committed to setting big audacious goals and actually doing the work to reach them. Here’s everything that’s included in your Clubhouse investment:

2-DAY ONLINE RETREAT ($6,000 value)

This 2-day, 6-module, 10-hour training session will help you tie your personal values and season of life into your business model, sales funnel, and marketing plan. After two days you’ll feel motivated, inspired, and connected to your business like never before.

MASTERCLASSES ($3,600 value)

Our monthly masterclasses (12 in all) expand upon the foundation you set in the retreat with tactical how-to’s that will help you engage your audience, grow your following, and sell what you do.


We’re really great coaches, and in-the-moment coaching is one of the things we do best. You’ll have the opportunity to connect face-to-face with us and each other in these monthly calls where we deep-dive into topics affecting your work and life.

If you’re reading this and feel a little sweaty at the idea of investing time and money in growing your business, you’re not alone. We feel that way every single time we commit to leveling up. It’s part of the process and comes with the territory of expanding your capacity for success.

Total Clubhouse Value: $9,600
Total Clubhouse Investment: $3,600

We have built this offering to maximize our positive impact on your business while minimizing the fluff that keeps you unfocused and from moving forward. Our price reflects our desire to keep you accountable to yourself and your fellow bosses (and your wallet), to show up and do the work, but still costs less than our monthly gym memberships.

Look, we know you have what it takes to be boss. We’re not here to convince you that you need us to be successful, but we will help you get there faster. We will help you streamline your success and make a bee-line toward your goals with the confidence-building tools, actionable tactics, strategic exercises, and guidance that we offer over the intense 2-day online retreat, followed by a year of support.

Submit an application for more information on in-person retreat pricing.


“I left my day job exactly three years ago today to start my own business. Since I’ve found the Being Boss Podcast in the past few months, I have more confidence in making business decisions and doing what is right for me. I feel like every conversation you share includes the things swimming in my head. Yet, you inspire me to take action. Also, I am so jazzed about what I am learning from ALL the bosses in the Clubhouse! Keep it up! #grateful”

– COLLEEN HARTLEY, graphic designer

Apply to Join

Apply to join the Clubhouse

Enrollment is limited to bosses who are ready to level-up and are committed to kicking fear to the curb, showing up, and doing the work.

Sign up and we’ll send you a link to our application. Plus, we’ll share more details about when our next enrollment period is open and answer any questions you might have about whether the Clubhouse is right for you.


12 Monthly Payments of

$300 USD

Have questions?


I don’t know if the Clubhouse is for me?
We totally understand your hesitation. We’ve rarely made big investments in work and life without questioning whether or not it was a good fit first. But if you’ve made it this far we have a feeling you’re more ready than you think you are.

Be sure to submit an application – we’ll let you know if it’s not a good fit or not, and answer any additional questions you may have. Submitting an application is not a final commitment – it’s just the first step to leaning- in on making your big goals a priority for the next year.

The Clubhouse is a not a good fit for you if you are completely unclear about your business, have no idea what you want to do or sell, or are looking for a get-rich-quick blueprint or business scheme.

Our community is not a free-for-all chat room, a self-promotional platform, or a place for negativity. We’re committed to keeping it real but also staying productive and on-point.

What’s the time commitment?
You will need to block off two full business days for the 2-day online retreat. We’ll build in time for breaks and workshopping on your own so you don’t become fried. Every month we will have a one-hour mastermind retreat + one-hour podcast recording. After that, the amount of time you spend in the Clubhouse community is up to you.

We don’t want you to feel like you’re missing out if you’re busy doing the work it takes to reach the ambitious goals you’ve created for yourself – so our discussions are limited to relevant on-topic needs and insights. You can come and go as you please!

What time zone are you in?
Emily and Kathleen are in the Eastern and Central time zones. The 2-day online retreat and all masterclasses are scheduled to be reasonable for anyone living within the Pacific to Eastern time zone ranges.

We require you to be live for the 2-day online retreat, as this is not only the most value-packed portion of the Clubhouse, but it’s where you get acquainted with your class of fellow bosses and have a chance to engage with Emily and Kathleen about your business and your goals.

All masterclasses are available for replay for a month after they are held live.

If you’re an international boss, please email us at and we’ll assess your needs.

Wait… is it a course? Or a group coaching program? An online forum? Or a mastermind?
We’ve taken the best parts of online programs, group coaching, business mentoring, and mastermind groups to create a unique offering with the Being Boss Clubhouse. The Clubhouse begins with a 2-day online retreat that will feel like coaching and workshopping from Emily & Kathleen. You will have the opportunity to ask questions on the spot, share insights, and clarify any confusion you might have.

The online Clubhouse community should feel most like a mastermind group, with access to your small group retreat mates, as well as the larger group of Clubhouse members, with monthly masterclass check-ins where you will have the opportunity to learn new tools, tactics, and ask Emily & Kathleen questions.

What is the online community platform?
We’ve tried Facebook and Slack. Both have their pros and cons. After a
search for just the right tool we’ve decided on MightyBell as an organized
and intuitive platform for discussion and easy access to each other and the resources we share.

How much does it cost?
The Clubhouse costs $300/month with a 12 month commitment. When you submit your application, if it’s a good fit, we’ll hold your spot for the next available online retreat with a deposit of $300 that will also count as your first month’s payment. Your membership begins with the 2-day online retreat.

How many people are in the Clubhouse?
We accept 25 new members at a time. We designed this program to be small and intimate, so together we can remain high-touch and high-impact for our committed members.

When can I join?
We’re not always accepting new members, but we are always accepting new applications to the Clubhouse. An application is not guaranteed acceptance into the Clubhouse.

The next Clubhouse online retreat is April 27 & 28.

I’ve submitted an application – when can I expect to hear back from you?
We’ll let you know within 2 business days if you are accepted into the Clubhouse. We’ll reply with information to confirm your spot.

“I loved today’s secret episode. I am a baby boss with a
side hustle and having the opportunity to be in this clubhouse with so many inspiring and, simply put, really cool women makes me fangirl literally every day. And one of the things I love about you two is that you are real people; you’re not “I’ll Show You How To Build A Twenty Figure Business” sleazeballs and you’re not pretending to have 100% of life and work and everything else figured out 100% of the time. That is so refreshing to me. You guys were genuine and open in this episode, and I liked that it felt like I was listening to an intimate and educational conversation. I love that you guys are real and willing to share your struggles and triumphs with us so that we might learn something from them.”

– GENEVIEVE ALI, stationery designer

Apply to Join

Apply to join the Clubhouse

Enrollment is limited to bosses who are ready to level-up and are committed to kicking fear to the curb, showing up, and doing the work.

Sign up and we’ll send you a link to our application. Plus, we’ll share more details about when our next enrollment period is open and answer any questions you might have about whether the Clubhouse is right for you.


12 Monthly Payments of

$300 USD

Have questions?

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