for creatives who mean business



for creatives who mean business

Being Boss is owning who you are, knowing what you want, and actually making it happen.


We all want more money, time, confidence, focus, and adventure – just to name a few.

In fact, we want it all – and we want to enjoy the process along the way.

Do you want it too?

The most boss creatives entrepreneurs we know have a couple of key things in common.
These people…

  • Are confident, self-reliant, and trust themselves
  • Know what they want, and they know how to make it happen
  • Work in a way that’s smarter, not harder
  • Focus on impact, strategy, and profit
  • Work like artists, makers, and shakers, but they think like entrepreneurs

If you’re like most hungry, driven creatives, you…

  • Struggle with fraudy feelings or imposter syndrome
  • Are afraid of big goals or the work that’s required to get there
  • Are overwhelmed by all of the ideas and your to-do list
  • Struggle with time-management or deciding what to do next
  • Want to make a difference in the world (because maybe you feel like it’s crumbling around you)

We know what you want out of your creative business – because we’ve been there too.

We’ve coached hundreds of people just like you. You’re our people.

You desire…

  • The freedom to work the way you want, when you want, where you want
  • Financial independence and unlimited earning potentia
  • Boundaries that help you say no to distractions and yes to the right opportunities
  • A business that is scalable, allowing you to work smarter, not harder
  • The courage to set big goals and the steps to make them happen
  • Support from people who actually get what you do

You want an online business that allows you to make money doing what you love.


The Being Boss Clubhouse is where you’ll commit to being the boss of your life and work.






We’re self-starting boot-strappers who started from zero and built our businesses from scratch. We don’t come from a lineage of entrepreneurs, and we’ve been figuring it out as we go from day one.

Kathleen + Emily here. We’re the creators of the Being Boss podcast, authors of the Being Boss book, and owners and founders of our own individual creative businesses.

In our years of working for ourselves as creative entrepreneurs, our hundreds of conversations and interviews with successful people making money doing work they love, and literally writing the book on the subject, we’ve learned a thing or two about what happens to a person when they commit to being boss.

In short, being boss expands your capacity for success.

And that success? Well, you get to define that for yourself.

The story of Kathleen’s creative career began when she spent years in an advertising agency honing her craft in graphic design. Then, one day, she felt a tug from the other side – she wanted to see the world, write, design, share her adventures along the way, and be her own boss. Kathleen launched Braid Creative with her sister in 2011, and within the first year, she was able to double the salary she earned as a senior art director at her day job. Her clients have included big names like Dr. Brené Brown and Melissa Hartwig of Whole30, but she’s really passionate about coaching and branding solopreneurs – like photographers, designers, writers, and coaches – who not only want to be known for what they’re best at, but who want to blend more of who they authentically are into the work they do.

Kathleen received 9 months of intensive life coaching training from Martha Beck in 2013, and along with helping creative entrepreneurs with their personal brands, she began helping them uncover what they really want followed by step-by-step action plans to make their dreams a reality.

Emily was a self-starter from the get-go and began her trajectory of being her own boss by owning a tanning salon in college – no joke. Then, as a young mom and ambitious entrepreneur, she stretched her creative expression and flexed her entrepreneurial muscle by making jewelry and selling it online. That’s when her passion for online business began. She moved from designing jewelry to designing websites when she found herself helping other makers get off Etsy and onto their own platform where they could make more profit doing what they love. Her natural talent for coding, project management, and ability to use metrics to make calculat-ed decisions has allowed her to continue to expand the reach and impact of online business owners ever since.

Since 2010, Emily has dedicated her career to teaching creatives how to start online businesses that work. In fact, it was her idea for Braid Creative to turn their branding method and expertise into an ECourse that has since earned over six figures in sales! It was Emily who pitched Kathleen to start the podcast that became Being Boss. She has her finger on the pulse and the chops to launch like a boss.


So, what’s the secret?

The secret is that there is no secret. There is no single formula, course, or book that will teach you what you need to know in order to have anything and everything you want.

But here’s what we’ve learned along the way:

  • know your numbers and be comfortable with your money
  • build your business on a foundation of intention
  • know your strengths and work accordingly
  • commit to big-ass goals and break them down into small, actionable steps
  • know what you’re selling and why people want it
  • measure what’s working and what isn’t along the way
  • plan for the immediate future of your business so you always know what to do next
  • create a bigger vision so you know what you’re working towards
  • understand your own work/life blend, priorities, and balance
  • and have smart, ambitious friends along the way…

Listen, we can’t do the work for you – but we will lead by example, sharing our experience, expertise, and very best tools, tactics, and “try this” exercises.

Trust that you can figure it out and do the work – we’ve got your back.


“The Clubhouse and the community in it has been my support system throughout an intense growth year. I have had a group to reach out to, get support, and advice.”

owner + founder of a
creative marketing firm

“The Being Boss Clubhouse is like the successful big sister that I know is always going to be there for me. She understands when I’m down, and celebrates me when I’m back up..”


“[My goals] feel much more manageable. I see tackling goals as the end result of asking good questions. The Clubhouse has been an amazing source of the most helpful questions. Thank you!”

book coach + podcaster


The Being Boss Clubhouse is a place for you to define your goals, set intentions, build healthy boundaries, and cultivate habits that will help you reach success on your terms.


In this space, you will meet a tribe of like-minded creatives who are ready to level-up and are committed to chasing their goals.

The Clubhouse begins with a 2-day online retreat, followed by 6 months of community support, including monthly masterclasses from Emily & Kathleen, monthly virtual meet-ups, and an exclusive community forum where you can connect with your fellow bosses, brainstorm business ideas, and hold each other accountable to doing the work.


  • More noise that will distract you from doing the work
  • A place to procrastinate
  • A blueprint promising unrealistic success


  • Space to find your focus and hold you accountable to your goals
  • A framework for creating an action plan that works for you
  • Cultivating confidence to trust yourself and make better decisions for your business


It all begins with a 2-day online retreat with Emily + Kathleen. In these two days, you will define intentions, goals, boundaries, and habits that will direct the next year of your business. Along with a small group of creatives, Emily + Kathleen will coach you through a series of exercises that are workshopped on the spot.

We’ll mastermind and set the foundation of what your next year of being boss will look like in your work and life. Our goal is for you to trust yourself, the decisions you make, and the path you’re headed down.

We’ll cover our very best, most-effective tools for developing self-reliance and confidence. This work will help you:

  • establish intentions so you can understand your “why”
  • set big goals like a boss + define action-steps to bee-line your path to success
  • outline daily structure, habits, and routines so you can stay focused
  • learn tools + techniques to position yourself as a expert in your field

You will have more focus, confidence, and clarity to help you make better decisions (and more money!).



Our 2-day online retreat of powerful work is followed up by monthly masterclasses from Emily & Kathleen that will deepen your focus, answer your questions, and teach you tactics, trends, and ways of working to be more boss. Each masterclass includes a video lesson, extra resources, and behind-the-scenes podcast episode. We’ll cover these topics:

  • Chalkboard Method
  • Passive Income + Digital Products
  • Email Marketing
  • Launching + Marketing Plans
  • Creating Content
  • Webinars + Workshops


Meet up virtually each month with Emily, Kathleen, and your Clubhouse community to chat and mastermind face-to-face about topics that affect your creative business – from growing your following and organizing your time to selling what you do. Get your questions answered, gather advice and feedback, and grow in your community.

PS – These monthly calls are our favorite part of the Clubhouse.



We don’t want to add to the noise or distract you from doing the work, but we do want to give you a place to connect with Emily, Kathleen, and a community of committed bosses who are going to be supportive, hold each other accountable, and have productive conversations.

In our Being Boss community forum you will be able to:

  • stay connected with bosses from your online retreat class
  • save your seat to the monthly masterclass
  • easily access the secret episodes
  • connect with bosses in your city or state
  • hold relevant conversations with and seek support from other creatives doing business online

“I found the laser coaching opportunity during the monthly Office Hours to be very impactful for our business, Prim’d Marketing. If my business partner Jenni and I were facing a roadblock or dealing with a challenge that we needed expert advice on or a fresh perspective we knew that we could bring this to Kathleen, Emily and the rest of the group, and walk away with answers or more food for thought. Running a business takes a village and no one should do it in a vacuum.

branding agency co-owner

“[The Clubhouse] has given me direction, focus, a group to lean into when I need help…I’m feeling more on track and like I’m running an actual business.”

business coach

I feel a lot better about tackling my goals since joining the Clubhouse. I used to get super overwhelmed whenever I was chasing my goals and would then never move forward with ideas because of analysis paralysis. Since joining the Clubhouse, I’ve been able to better understand my goals and how to break them down into small, manageable chunks. Business is a marathon, not a sprint, so being in the Clubhouse has definitely helped me understand that!”

graphic designer


The Being Boss Clubhouse is for creatives who mean business.


Our Clubhouse members are creative entrepreneurs at various stages of their online business, from side-hustling their dream job to paying the bills doing what they love.

You are ready for the Clubhouse if you are interested in:

  • Growing your list and online following
  • Scaling your business model
  • Making more money (without doing more work)
  • Creating a more structured and productive work day

Or maybe you’re struggling with:

  • Carving out time to do more of what you love
  • Battling burnout (that good ol’ work / life balance)
  • Working as efficiently as possible
  • Decision fatigue, overwhelm, or self-doubt
  • Knowing how to market yourself
  • Attracting customers + closing the deal

Other bosses who have joined the Clubhouse include:

  • A successful copywriter who is dreaming of quitting her day job to be her own boss
  • A wellness coach who wants to get organized and launch a group offering
  • A graphic designer who wants to transition into consulting on brand strategy
  • An artist who wants to coach other women on how to unlock their creative potential
  • A jewelry maker who wants to raise her prices and sell more work on a national and international platform



Payment not due until
application is accepted.


Payment not due until
application is accepted.


Payment not due until
application is accepted.


Enrollment is limited to bosses who are ready to level-up and are committed to kicking fear to the curb, showing up, and doing the work.



Here’s everything that’s included in your Clubhouse investment:

2-DAY ONLINE RETREAT ($6,000 value)
This 2-day, 6-module, 10-hour training session will help you tie your personal values and season of life into your business model, sales funnel, and marketing plan. After two days, you’ll feel motivated, inspired, and connected to your business like never before.

MASTERCLASSES ($1,800 value)
Our monthly masterclasses (6 in all) expand upon the foundation you set in the retreat with tactical how-to’s that will help you engage your audience, grow your following, and sell what you do.

In-the-moment coaching is one of the things we do best. You’ll have the opportunity to connect face-to-face with us and each other in these monthly calls where we deep-dive into topics affecting your work and life.

Total Clubhouse Value: $7,800
Total Clubhouse Investment: $2,800

We have built this offering to maximize our positive impact on your business while minimizing the fluff that keeps you unfocused and from moving forward. Our price reflects our desire to keep you accountable to yourself and your fellow bosses (and your wallet), to show up and do the work, but still costs less than our monthly gym memberships.


“Without Being Boss, I would not be where I’m at in my business today. It has returned my initial investment multiple times over. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough! I’ve raised my prices, been featured on Squarespace, and built a digital course. I feel like a fucking rockstar!

web designer

“I am so glad I took the plunge into the Clubhouse, even though it was a financial stretch for me. I’ve already gotten so much out of the retreat … and I know it’s only going to get better over time.”

shop owner

“The Being Boss Clubhouse is like the successful big sister that I know is always going to be there for me. She understands when I’m down, and celebrates me when I’m back up..”




Payment not due until
application is accepted.


Payment not due until
application is accepted.


Payment not due until
application is accepted.


Enrollment is limited to bosses who are ready to level-up and are committed to kicking fear to the curb, showing up, and doing the work.



I don’t know if the Clubhouse is for me?

We totally understand your hesitation. We’ve rarely made big investments in work and life without questioning whether or not it was a good fit first. But if you’ve made it this far, we have a feeling you’re more ready than you think you are.

Be sure to submit an application – we’ll let you know if it’s not a good fit or not and answer any additional questions you may have. Submitting an application is not a final commitment – it’s just the first step to leaning into making your big goals a priority.

The Clubhouse is a not a good fit for you if you are completely unclear about your business, have no idea what you want to do or sell, or are looking for a get-rich-quick blueprint or business scheme.

Our community is not a free-for-all chat room, a self-promotional platform, or a place for negativity. We’re committed to keeping it real but also staying productive and on-point.

What’s the time commitment?

You will need to block off two full business days for the 2-day online retreat. Every month, we will deliver a 30-45 minute mastermind class + a 30-45 minute podcast recording to be done on your own time. We also hold a monthly hour-long office hours call. After that, the amount of time you spend in the Clubhouse community is up to you.

We don’t want you to feel like you’re missing out if you’re busy doing the work it takes to reach the ambitious goals you’ve created for yourself – so our discussions are limited to relevant, on-topic needs and insights. You can come and go as you please!

What time zone are you in?

Emily and Kathleen are in Eastern time zone. The 2-day online retreat and all Office Hours are scheduled to be reasonable for anyone living within the Pacific to Eastern time zone ranges.

We require you to be live for the 2-day online retreat, as this is not only the most value-packed portion of the Clubhouse, but it’s where you get acquainted with your tribe of fellow bosses and have a chance to engage with Emily and Kathleen about your business and your goals.

All masterclasses are delivered in pre-recorded formats so that you can consume them on your own time.

If you’re an international boss, please email us at and we’ll assess your situation and let you know if it’s a good fit.

Wait… is it a course? Or a group coaching program? An online forum? Or a mastermind?

We’ve taken the best parts of online programs, group coaching, business mentoring, and mastermind groups to create a unique offering with the Being Boss Clubhouse. The Clubhouse begins with a 2-day online retreat that will feel like coaching and workshopping from Emily and Kathleen. You will have the opportunity to ask questions on the spot, share insights, and gain clarification on any confusion you might have.

The online Clubhouse community feels most like a mastermind group, with access to your small group retreat mates, as well as the larger group of Clubhouse members, with weekly prompts where you will have the opportunity to further implement masterclass themes into your business.

What is the online community platform?

Our online community lives on MightyBell, an organized and intuitive platform for discussion that gives easy access to each other and the resources we share.

How many people are in the Clubhouse?

We accept 12-25 new members at a time. We designed this program to be small and intimate so together we can remain high-touch and high-impact for our committed members.

When can I join?

We’re not always accepting new members, but we are always accepting new applications to the Clubhouse. An application is not guaranteed acceptance into the Clubhouse. Scroll up or down to the yellow section and click “APPLY NOW” to start the process.

When is the 2-day online retreat?

The 2-day online retreat takes place throughout the year. Once you’ve applied we’ll let you know when our next 2-day online retreats are scheduled.

Do I have to attend the 2-day online retreat live?

Yes. The 2-day online retreat is the most valuable part of the Being Boss Clubhouse. It’s where we’ll meet you, where you’ll meet your fellow Clubhouse members, and where you’ll commit to taking big steps in your business. If you cannot commit to our 2-day online retreat, then the Clubhouse is not for you.

When are the monthly masterclasses?

The monthly masterclasses are delivered to you via the online community and email at the beginning of every month.

I’ve submitted an application – when can I expect to hear back from you?

We’ll let you know within 2 business days if you are accepted into the Clubhouse. We’ll reply with information to confirm your spot.




Payment not due until
application is accepted.


Payment not due until
application is accepted.


Payment not due until
application is accepted.


Enrollment is limited to bosses who are ready to level-up and are committed to kicking fear to the curb, showing up, and doing the work.