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a Virtual Event for Creative Business Owners
with Woo Woo Vibes

· October 8 – 10, 2020 ·

“How would you be behaving if you knew what you were trying to manifest was a for sure thing in the future?”

– Kelley Knight, Being Boss Podcast Episode #197

Manifesting. Visualizing. Alignment. Divine timing.

Tarot. Crystals. Mercury Retrograde.

Our kind of creative business owner bosses tend towards the mystic, from the Woo-Curious to the Woo-Woo As Fuck amongst you.

You practice mindfulness techniques. (Or at least know that you should be.)

You own a tarot deck, and probably pull cards for your business.

You probably have a crystal in your pocket, or your bra – to assist in manifesting abundance + prosperity.

But how do you connect the dots between your intuition in your business?

How do you connect with that
pull in your heart
+ use it to guide your business
towards your highest purpose?

About this Event

Half-day Thursday. All day Friday. Half-day Saturday.

Panels, keynotes, workshops, live podcast recordings.

Plus the Being Boss promise of actionable steps, practical advice, and results-oriented guidance.

And a whole tribe of bosses ready to connect, dive deep, and do the work.

Who’s It For

This event is for creative business owners (artists, writers, coaches… bosses) who wish to feel more alignment between their personal and professional, between their heart and their actions.

we want you to…

· Connect to the wisdom of your intuition

· Embrace the tools that will help you connect

· Use your inner guidance to set goals + take action

· Feel good about that action because it’s perfectly aligned

Feedback from Past Events

“Every talk, group conversation, panel, break-out session and workshop provided digestible nuggets that directly applied to my business.”

– Jolinda S.

“I can’t wait for the next Being Boss event!”

– Ann D.

“I loved pluggin in with other bosses, hoping for the future, planning for change, and becoming inspired.”

– Rebecca T.

The Line-Up

hosted + live podcasting by

Emily Thompson

host of Being Boss
owner of Almanac Supply Co.

speakers, teachers, + panelists


panelist + instructor


panelist + instructor


panelist + instructor


panelist + instructor

Registration Closed

agenda coming soon…

We’re combining intuition with business. The woo with the practical. The head and the heart. With a focus on tarot, crystals, and astrology for business owners.

Feedback from Past Events

“Never miss another Being Boss event!”

– Lora D.

“I loved every minute of it!”

– Erika E.

“What does an online conference look like? Like excitement, magic, affirmations, relevant content and real connections if it’s the Being Boss Conference.”

– Cheryl B.

“I walked away with action steps for every single area that needs work, and am bursting with motivation to make it all happen!”

– Colleen K.

“I can’t speak highly enough of this experience. Thank you so much, Being Boss!”

– Laura H.

“What’s most special about Being Boss is the combination of “woo woo” and business.”

– Rebecca T.

“It made me want to do better and be better long after the event was over.”

– Eman I.


Will there be replays available?

We will make our best effort to make available a replay of each event within 24 hours of recording live. Replays will be available until EOD Friday, 10/16.

However, know that the most fun of Being Boss events is had when you join LIVE.

Please note: Being Boss is not able to guarante the stability of the third-party software that makes events like this possible, so we are unable to guarantee the delivery of any or all replays.

What’s the schedule? Who’s speaking?

We will release speakers in a couple of rounds leading up to the event, as well as schedule details.

How do I become a sponsor?

If you think your company would make a great partner for this event, email us at

How will we be meeting online?

We will use Crowdcast to deliver all sessions to our boss attendees. Between and after sessions, we encourage you to interact in the Being Boss Community, where a special group has been created for the event.

What’s your refund policy?

We offer no refunds for this event.

Have a question? Email us at

Registration Closed