Our listeners are celebrating their boss moments!


Want to get a high five from us + get your #iambeingboss win featured on one of our Being Boss Podcast episodes?

If you’d like to be featured, you can submit your #iambeingboss win (big or small – from firing a tricky client to selling your first painting to finally setting up some systems and processes that will help you work better!) with the steps you see to the right (please be sure you follow these guidelines exactly or your boss moment will not be featured.)

By submitting this recording you are giving Being Boss the irrevocable right to use, broadcast, exhibit, market, distribute, display, reproduce, transcribe, publish, sell or otherwise exploit this audio as well as the right NOT to share your audio.

  1. Leave a voicemail with the form below (you can either call on your phone or use Google Voice on your computer) with your win / boss moment in a quiet room, preferably with an external microphone (if you have a microphone in your headphones, that works just fine).
  2. Make sure your recording is no longer than 3 minutes
  3. Follow our suggested script:
    “Hi my name is _______ and I am being boss. I [one sentence description of what you do] at [your website address] and this week I’m celebrating [insert your #iambeingboss win].”
  4. NOTE that this is not an opportunity to try to grow your email list or sell your product—if our listeners wish to learn more about you, you have provided your website for them to do so. (In other words, please don’t make it a thinly-veiled sales pitch. If it’s too overly-promotional you will not be featured – we want these to be genuine victories and wins that you’re excited about.)
  5. Highest of fives for doing the work and being boss!

*after submitting the form, you’ll be redirected to a page with the phone number to call.