Podcast Episode #17 // How to Sell Your Creative W...

Podcast Episode #17 // How to Sell Your Creative Work with Sales Coach Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope is a sales boss who works with creative entrepreneurs to give them the tools, knowledge, and support they need to up-level their sales abilities, so that they can sell more, make more money, and do more of what they love.

Today we’re talking about how to sell your product or service as a creative entrepreneur.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Breaking it down: what does it mean to sell something to someone and why it’s not as icky/sleazy/slimy/pushy as you think.
  • Finding confidence in your own product in order to sell it to your customers.
  • Adding actual engagement to your sales process and how it influences the way your customers think about your product.
  • Struggles creatives have with selling their product or service and what they can do to change.
  • Product-based selling vs. service-based selling
  • How website copy influences sales

How to sell for creative entrepreneurs with Kendrick Shope


'If you can improve somebody's life with your product and you don't share it? Shame on you!' -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet 'The most important sale you're ever going to make is to yourself.' -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet 'When you add actual engagement, your business skyrockets. People want to feel connected.' -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet 1. Start with a genuine thank you. 2. Let the person talk about themselves. 3. 'I understand.' -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet 'A product-based business can really set themselves apart by becoming a service-based business.' -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet 'The Authentic Selling equations is: Pain points + your product or service = desired outcome.' -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet 'We sell every day, but it becomes personal when it's something we've created and we get afraid.' -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet 'Every line of copy has one job: To get someone to read the next line.' -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet 'That's what business is: You try, you fail, you learn, and you try again.' -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet We're all have them—epic freaking failures—but you pick yourself up like every boss and move forward. -@KendrickShope Click To Tweet

How to sell for creative entrepreneurs with Kendrick Shope

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