How to Fix Your Business (6-Step Process for Improving Business Systems)

June 29, 2021
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How do you make your business better? It starts by identifying the gaps in your existing systems and then finding (and implementing) solutions for practical business process improvement. The path to more growth, better impact, and greater customer satisfaction all lie in the continuous improvement of working systems. In this episode, Emily shares 6 steps to improve the quality, productivity, and success of your company through process improvement.


How to Fix Your Business: 6 Steps for Business Process Improvement

What is a business? A business is a set of systems, strategies, and processes that work together, over and over again, to satisfy customers or clients. Yes, you likely have the passion and vision behind your business. But the way these things are expressed and delivered is through business processes.

Running a business means taking on constant change. It also means continuous improvements to the products, services, philosophy, and methodologies through which you deliver value to your customer base.

Recently, Emily shared her in-depth strategy for business process improvement with the Being Boss Clubhouse (the extra content tier of the Being Boss community) in the exclusive Making a Business podcast. Emily shared how Being Boss and Almanac Supply Co. spent the beginning of the year revising and digging into their systems to see where they can save time, improve efficiency, and save or make more money.

Who doesn’t want that? Here’s a brief breakdown of this 6 step process for fixing your business and leveling up your process management.

1. Identify the Process that Needs to Be Updated

Start by making a list of every process you currently depend on to run your business. Categorize everything in your biz as follows:

Working – doesn’t need to be updated at the moment

Kinda working – might need to be reconsidered for improvements

Not working – needs to be changed or updated to keep business running smoothly

What’s working, kinda working, not working? You can complete this PDF exercise to see where you need process improvements for your business. Just as importantly, which aspects are closest to becoming monetized to grow profit? These might be some of the business processes that need to be looked at first.

2. Reflect on Each Process that Needs Improvement

Now that you can see which processes aren’t working, identify what exactly each process needs in order to be improved. You can use the “what’s working, kinda working, not working” organization method for each process specifically.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Where are things getting stuck in this specific process?
  • What do I want to see in this process that isn’t currently being achieved?
  • How do my employees, team leaders, and I want to create better outcomes for our customers?
  • What can past data analysis show us about where outcomes are falling short? What required changes does the data show that we need?

3. Spend Some Time Researching Solutions

Next, you need to look into long-term solutions for fixing these broken processes. Interview clients and team members about what features of your business they love or where improvement is craved. Research new tools that can help you get the new solutions you need. Do you need new software, a workflow upgrade, or more reliable resources? Do you need help with process automation, project management, or new tools to measure desired results?

The research will give you more options, but setting some goals will let you pinpoint which potential solutions will be best for you to implement.

4. Goal Setting

Once you know what needs to be updated or resolved, moving forward you need to set goals for what achievements will actually need to happen. What do you want the necessary updates to do? Goals help choose the best options that can improve broken systems in your business.

5. Implement Your System Updates

Now that you know what needs to be updated, how you and your team want to update it, and what your goals are for these business process improvements, it’s time to finally implement the changes.

This step is the most important and requires a lot of time, so make sure everyone involved is included in the process in real-time. Host trainings, schedule a milestone calendar, and communicate with everyone involved so there’s no confusion. There might be a learning curve, but remember, improvement comes from continuous practice. It’ll be worth it when you start seeing results.

6. Utilize Your New System

Now that you’ve set some changes in your business processes, it’s time to use the new systems and tools. If the updates are working, great! Keep doing what works and move on to other areas of the business where improvement is needed. If the updates aren’t helping in the ways you need, go back to step 2 and go through the process again.

Updating and improving the systems of a business is something business owners do regularly. Things change, goals change, and technology changes all the time. Forcing yourself to stay stuck in old familiar ways just because you don’t want to take the time to learn new processes will limit your success. It will waste your time and prevent your ability to reach more people.

Don’t get stuck! Always seek improvement. Embrace the process as it presents your company with signs toward necessary change. Continue to shift accordingly, do the work, and be boss.

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