Hello, Boss – I’m Emily

I want to help you
Do the Work

Work With Emily

For almost a decade I’ve helped tens of thousands of creatives do business.

My special sauce?

I speak your lingo – because I’m a creative, too.

But I’m also a business person. I love spreadsheets and P+L reports and strategizing as much as I love art and language.

Here at Being Boss, we’re all about helping creatives do better business. We accomplish this in many ways, from the podcast to the Being Boss book and in our community.

But I most love to work closely with creatives…

  • from helping baby bosses start their business
  • to helping bosses who are *making it do* reach their first-six-figures
  • and even giving six-figure bosses space to work through their own next-level boss struggles and opportunities

Below you’ll find the ways in which you can work with me to help you along your own journey of making money doing work you love.

PS – I love working with service- and product-based businesses.

Mastermind Retreats

Mastermind retreats are magical opportunities to expand and grow as you tackle your own needs, lend support in the struggles of others, and learn from everyone in ways that will benefit you and your business now and in the future.

These groups are diverse and suitable for any creative business owner who considers themselves our kind of boss, no matter your industry or experience.

Upcoming Retreats

“Hearing everyone else tell their story, and then how we all got to work through their questions was fantastic, because a lot of their questions were my questions. I feel like I can go home with tools for helping my business grow, even though my business was unlike anyone else’s.”

– Monique R., Nurse + Pregnancy Health Educator

The C-Suite

The C-Suite is a top-level peer mastermind group for bosses who are CEOs. As such, you don’t need more content…

You need more support.

In the C-Suite, you’ll be a part of a tight-knit group of bosses who run six-figure businesses who have your back, who you can run ideas by, and who will share their experiences so that you move forward with greater ease.

Monthly membership includes weekly mastermind calls and quarterly virtual mastermind retreats to dive deep and keep you on track.

“The C-Suite has held [me] accountable in a way that I didn’t know I needed. I came thinking I wanted comradery and maybe some referrals, but there’s something about showing up every week to talk about business.

I have two whiteboards, and one has big projects that need to get done. Since joining the C-Suite, that whiteboard has never had more than one thing on it.

– Dana Kaye, Owner of Kaye Publicity + Bouquet Stock Photography