It’s Time to Feel Clear + Confident As a Business Owner

In the being boss community
for entrepreneurs

i know i’m not alone in my creative business

here at being boss

we want you to be
surrounded by smart,
creative bosses

who are making money doing work they love.

Why? Because magic happens when you connect and interact with other creative small business owners.

  • You’re inspired to show up.
  • You’re motivated to set big goals and DO THE WORK.
  • You learn from their experience to boost your next moves.
  • You are connected to people who understand where you are and what you’re going through.


I love this community. It’s exactly what I needed when I needed it

– Kathy A., Product Maker

Being a part of this community has made me feel so much less alone in my boss journey and in fact— in many ways has shown me that I’m worthy of calling myself a “boss,” even if I’m still working a 9-5 to support my dreams.

– D’ana S., Content Creator

I have gained a community of other bosses who have ALWAYS had answers to my questions, ALWAYS offered support, and ALWAYS offered areas to continue to grow and learn.

– Erin D., Web Designer

The Being Boss Community has opened up doors to meeting new boss friends and learning new strategies to level up while getting help and direct feedback on problems I’m facing in my business. But the biggest perk of this community is knowing I’m not alone in this journey and being able to stay off social medias to do it!

– Erika E., Dirndl Designer

Listening to Being Boss over the past year has been INCREDIBLE in finding my footing again in my business reboot, in a world that seems ENTIRELY new and this community now on top is just icing on the cake.

– Kiona E., Jewelry ARtist

The Being Boss Community is a place for

Business Owners,
+ Entrepreneurs

to connect + talk shop

Find Your People.
Grow Your Biz.
Have a Ton of Fun.

The Being Boss Community is a fun, inclusive, and supportive space for creative business owners to get together, talk about business, help each other find solutions, and grow – as creatives, business owners, and cool boss people.

We work together so we all can
make money doing work we love
as thriving creative business owners.

The Community is a place where I can access amazing content , uber up to date tips, books, conversations and mostly, where I connect with people having the same struggles and wins I have. But most of all, it is an environment where I feel welcomed and at home with peers.

– Geraldine L., Artist

Freelancing can be lonely if you let it – which is why I joined the community. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve made a bunch of new boss friends who get what I do, who respect what I do and who have even hired me to do it for them!”

– Eman I., Copywriter

When I first joined the community, I thought: “Oh my gosh, this is everything I’ve ever wanted!” It’s great that I can ask questions about running my knitting design business. But what I love most is that I can give other bosses helpful feedback. They support me, and I can return the favour. There are so many like-minded people in here, and the conversations are always focused and centered on improving our lives and businesses.

– Heather W.,
Yarn Company Owner

This Community is For Bosses Who…

  • are a business owner. Baby bosses and side-hustlers are welcome, but this community is a best fit if you’ve already begun your entrepreneurial journey.
  • desire to connect with other business owners, and are willing to openly share your experience and resources.
  • want to grow in your business, and are willing to undergo the process of up-leveling with a can-do attitude. (Which means you actively work on putting that ego and/or fraudy feelings to bed.)
  • are open-minded and eager to expand, as we’re a community of diverse backgrounds, from diverse industries, and diverse life paths.
  • are kind and approachable.
  • are willing and excited to show up for your community, and do the work for yourself.

Current community members are in all stages
of business ownership but are united by a shared desire to take control of their work and live life on their own terms.

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COMMUNITY is the perfect choice if you’re just looking for access to the community platform and member support.


  • Community platform access
  • Monday Meet-Ups
  • Local & Virtual Coworking events
  • Book Club prompts
  • Monday prompts
  • Small Business Resource Library
  • Classifieds




Monthly or Annual Plans

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CLUBHOUSE is for bosses looking for next-level community, support, and resources, including more opportunities to connect with each other.


  • All Community perks, plus…
  • Access to all Community events + content, plus…
  • Exclusive Clubhouse group
  • Workshops + Replays
  • Book Club calls
  • Industry-specific Meet-Ups
  • Opportunities to submit to Boss Thoughts articles
  • New Moon Circles + Intentions
  • Making a Business Podcast
  • Other Clubhouse-exclusive events
  • CEO Day Kit (a $279 value)

Community Benefits Include

Community Platform Access

Our state-of-the-art, not-on-Facebook community platform is the hub for everything that goes down in the community. Access the member directory and event calendars, engage in community content, ask questions and lend some support, and browse our small business resource library and numerous boss topics. It’s our digital home, and we can’t wait to welcome you inside.

Monday Meet-Ups

Join your fellow bosses on a live virtual call every Monday for a weekly check in. Celebrate your wins, troubleshoot your struggles, and begin the week with the good vibes and support you need.

Virtual & Local Coworking Events

Looking for a little extra accountability? Get shit done with your fellow bosses during some virtual coworking (and local, in-person events when possible!)

Do Business in the Classifieds

Access the Classifieds to find the boss you need for the job, or shamelessly sell your products and services to the members of the community. It’s the beating heart of the boss economy.

Clubhouse members also gain access to…

Making a Business Podcast

Follow along as Emily, host of the award-winning Being Boss podcast, takes community members behind the scenes of what it takes to run and grow her product business, Almanac Supply Co. in this exclusive monthly podcast.

Clubhouse Conversations

Check in with your fellow Clubhouse members each month on a live call that dives in deeper and very practically on the theme of the month.

New Moon Intention-Setting

Take part in the foundational Being Boss practice of new moon intention setting to center yourself and promote continual growth and evolution with your fellow bosses in a monthly prompt with journaling support and a live call on each new moon.

Early (+ Sometimes Exclusive) Access to Events

Be the first to grab your tickets to events like conferences and vacations, and receive exclusive invites to top-secret Being Boss business retreats.

Monthly Book Club

Expand your knowledge and nerd out on business books with our expertly run monthly book club, complete with weekly prompts and monthly live calls to discuss and implement together.


In the Clubhouse, you’ll gain access to monthly workshops and classes that cover time management, marketing, social media, mindset, and other topics so you can keep up with the latest trends, new technology, and biz tactics.

CEO Day Kit

A Clubhouse membership will give you access to the full CEO Day Kit course, which is a framework of tools and tactics that will guide you through big-picture planning and structuring your business goals into an action plan. Learn more about CEO Day Kit here >>

exclusive content bonuses

members of the Clubhouse tier gain access
to this extra content

“I have pages of notes filled with wisdom from real bosses who are building or have built a thriving creative business. And the best part is that their tips don’t feel so overblown or complicated that I can’t apply them as a solo boss.”

– Jolinda S, Graphic Designer

Boss Experts Featured:

Emily Thompson (host)
Kathleen Shannon (co-host)
Tara McMullin
Vivian Kaye
Mike Michalowicz
Autumn Witt-Boyd
Erica Courdae
Becky Simpson
Maia Toll
Tara Street
Kelley Knight

Make Time to Shine

conference replay

In April 2020, we made Being Boss history. For three days we hosted our very first conference, an online event of epic proportions, with experts from a diverse selection of industries and backgrounds sharing their experiences and knowledge on the themes of time management + marketing.

Sessions Included:

  • KEYNOTE // Meaningful Marketing in Strange Times with Tara McMullin
  • PANEL // Creating Time
  • PANEL // Creative Marketing Strategies
  • BREAKOUT // Legal Support Q+A with Autumn Witt-Boyd
  • BREAKOUT // Building an Inclusive Business Q+A with Erica Courdae
  • BREAKOUT // Creative Process Exploration Q+A with Becky Simpson
  • WORKSHOP // Intuitive Writing for Overcoming Roadblocks with Maia Toll
  • LIVE PODCAST // The Power of Conversation
  • PANEL // Your #1 Marketing Asset
  • PANEL // Navigating Work/Life Balance
  • BREAKOUT // Writing Books Q+A with Maia Toll
  • BREAKOUT // Brand Positioning Workshop with Tara Street
  • BREAKOUT // Magic in Business Workshop with Kelley Knight
  • WORKSHOP // Creative Fields Guide with Becky Simpson
  • Q+A // Mike Michalowicz
  • KEYNOTE // Run Like Clockwork with Mike Michalowicz
  • PANEL // Hiring + Delegating
  • PANEL // Tools + Tactics
  • LIVE PODCAST // Authenticity in Marketing with Vivian Kaye

“This event really opened my eyes, heart and soul and I feel more like myself and am ready to continue to dig deeper, learn and grow.”

– Amie H., Yoga Studio Owner

Boss Experts Featured:

Emily Thompson (host)
Brigit Esselmont (co-host)
Pamela Chen
Mecca Woods
Tasha Harrison
Kary Hess
Alexandria Rollet
+ a Surprise Guest

Gathering: Guided by Intuition

event replay

In October 2020, Being Boss got woo-woo for three days of virtual events for creative business owners (artists, writers, coaches… bosses) who wish to feel more alignment between their personal and professional, between their heart and their actions. The event aimed to connect bosses with the wisdom of your intuition, embrace the tools that will help them connect, and use their inner guidance to set goals + take action.

Sessions Included:

  • Welcome + Introduction
  • LIVE PODCAST // Build Your Business With Intuition + Magic
  • PANEL // The Inner Conversation
  • WORKSHOP // Business Visioning with Brigit Esselmont
  • COMMUNITY TEA TIME // Creating a Tarot Deck with Kary Hess
  • KEYNOTE // Mundane Metrics: Key Performance Indicators For A Focused + Informed Intuition
  • PANEL // Magical Modalities
  • PANEL // Practical Rituals for Creativity + Business
  • BREAKOUT // Crystals for Business with Tasha Harrison
  • BREAKOUT // Tarot for Business with Pamela Chen
  • BREAKOUT // Astrology for Business with Mecca Woods
  • COMMUNITY TEA TIME // Human Design + Business with Alexandria Rollet
  • LIVE PODCAST // Astrology for Business with Mecca Woods

“My energy was so amped up. I woke up with lots of ideas!”

– Laura A, salon owner

Boss Experts Featured:

Emily Thompson (host)
Tasha Harrison (co-host)
Pamela Chen
Adama Sasay
Anna Lee
Emily Little
Erica Courdae
Mary Williams

Gathering: Rituals for Creativity + Business

event replay

In October 2021, Being Boss brought the woo and the magic for two days of virtual events to connect creative business owners with the tools to turn mundane habits and routines into rituals for creativity and business. Helping bosses infuse everyday tasks with magic to help set goals and take action.

Sessions Included:

  • Welcome + Introduction
  • PANEL // Rituals in Boss Businesses
  • LIVE PODCAST // The Magic of Creativity with Chris-Anne
  • WORKSHOP // Quantum Crystal Grid Activation
  • COMMUNITY TEA TIME // Live Chakra Portrait
  • PANEL // The Basics of Rituals
  • PANEL // Rituals for Creativity
  • PANEL // Rituals for Business
  • BREAKOUT // Using Tarot and Oracle Cards to Support Our Intentions, Our Focus, and Our Creations
  • BREAKOUT // Black Moon Lilith Rising Masterclass

– Celia C., Digital Marketing Strategist

“The conversation is only and constantly to the positive and productive direction, as in thriving in spite of it, and growing maybe even BECAUSE of it. I feel like in every interaction and conversation elsewhere in life, the pandemic and political climate looms in its’ negativity, except here. And I really, really appreciate that! This feels like a focused and buzzing bee hive busy doing the work and thriving despite the batshit crazy storm that’s happening outside us all.”

– Kiona E., Jewelry Artist

hi there, boss

Emily here, co-founder of Being Boss. It has long been my mission to assist creatives in doing business, so that they have the ability to make money doing work they love. For years I’ve lived and breathed this work, helping makers, designers, coaches, and more start, grow, and run businesses, online and off.

And of all the things I’ve created and facilitated, this community is what I’m most proud of, because the bosses inside are the epitome of BOSS.

They’re caring, hard-working, resilient, and so giving of their knowledge and experience. And because of it, this space has allowed me the privilege of watching businesses start, confidence grow, revenue skyrocket, exposure soar, and friendships bloom.

It’s the very real basis of the fact that falls out of my mouth all the time when talking about this community…

Bosses are the best.

And I’m glad to be counted amongst them.

About Emily

Emily Thompson is the co-founder and host of Being Boss, a small business resource, entrepreneurship podcast, and community for creative entrepreneurs, and founder and CEO of Almanac Supply Co., a retail brand that makes and curates products that help people connect with nature.

For over a decade Emily has worked closely with creatives to help them make money doing work they love, with a focus on building online business models and growing creative businesses.

At Being Boss, Emily hosts the Being Boss podcast and 10 Minutes to Being Boss podcasts to help creatives take control of their work, and hosts the Making a Business podcast, a community-exclusive show that tracks the growth and development of Almanac Supply Co.

How does the
being boss community
help bosses most?

see what these bosses have to say…

“Everybody just wants good for everybody else.”

“If somebody has experienced it, they’re happy to share their knowledge and help you do well.”

“A fun space to be surrounded by other bosses. A network where you can connect and just not bein another frickin’ Facebook group.”

“You can get some quality advice, quality recommendations. It’s a professional network.”

“Boss convos that keep me on track and setting big goals.”

“Book Club is huge for focus and direction. Also loving having access to [event replays] that I had to miss.”

“It brings consistency to my inconsistent life.”

“Great connections with other bosses.”

“A space to workshop ideas and keep creative ideas at the forefront.”

“Having some comradery when you work alone.”

“Having a resource where I can post questions or discuss topics with other small business owners that my friends/family don’t get.”

“Role models in the same space and other people doing the same type of thing without wanting to be in competition with you.”

“I see other bosses’ struggles and realize that I’m going through the same thing, so I don’t feel so alone.”

“The Being Boss Community has been there every step of the way.”

“Having bosses at several different levels that know things that I don’t to help me through tough times.”

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COMMUNITY is the perfect choice if you’re just looking for access to the community platform and member support.


  • Community platform access
  • Monday Meet-Ups
  • Local & Virtual Coworking events
  • Book Club prompts
  • Monday prompts
  • Small Business Resource Library
  • Classifieds




Monthly or Annual Plans

Get Started with a 14-Day Free Trial

CLUBHOUSE is for bosses looking for next-level community, support, and resources, including more opportunities to connect with each other.


  • All Community perks, plus…
  • Access to all Community events + content, plus…
  • Exclusive Clubhouse group
  • Workshops + Replays
  • Book Club calls
  • Industry-specific Meet-Ups
  • Opportunities to submit to Boss Thoughts articles
  • New Moon Circles + Intentions
  • Making a Business Podcast
  • Other Clubhouse-exclusive events
  • CEO Day Kit (a $279 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which membership tier is right for me?

The Being Boss Community has two tiers, defined by how “involved” you want to be in the community.

Community Tier
This is the base tier, giving you access to everyone here, the Classifieds, and general content, including podcast announcements, the Monday Meet-Up, and the Resource Library. The Community is best for those just wanting to dip their toe in, anyone new to Being Boss, or those who are fresh in their business.

Clubhouse Tier
If you’re looking for more Being Boss content, opportunities for facilitated conversations, or a more curated community of bosses, the Clubhouse is a bit more exclusive and robust in its offerings. The Clubhouse is great for mid-level bosses or those looking for more structure and support.

What happened to the C-Suite?

The C-Suite, a peer mastermind group for 6-figure business owners, is still around, but has moved to this page >>

What if I want more support / want to work with Emily?

For more information on our other offerings, check out this page >>

What payment options are available?

Each plan is available in monthly and annual payment plans. All plans automatically renew to the credit card used for your first purchase. You can update your payment plan and credit card on file at anytime within the community platform.

Can I cancel my membership? What is your cancellation policy?

If you purchase a monthly subscription, you can cancel your membership at any time. If you pay annually, you’re committing to a year of membership, but are welcome to cancel after your membership expires.

All memberships are non-refundable.

Can I change my membership level after I join?

For sure! Once you have an account you can change between membership levels easily in your account area.

Is the Being Boss Community for women only?

Absolutely not. This community is open to any creative business owner boss who aligns with our ethos.