Being Boss is
being in it together.

Join a community of

Business Owners
Creatives, + Entrepreneurs

who are committed to making money
doing work they love.

We’ve all heard the dreaded question:

“So, what do you do?”

And we creative-types have all fumbled over the answer, because when you’re a business owner, creative, or entrepreneur, not a lot of people relate to what you do, which means explaining your choice in career can be overwhelming and even disheartening.

But we promise you:

You’re not alone.

There are thousands of creatives in the world who are breaking barriers, throwing out the rule books, and making it up as they go, creating new niches, new roles, and new markets around the things they feel most passionate about.

And we all have similar questions:

  • How do I set up my business? (Or re-set up my business as a new tax entity?)
  • How do I go about hiring my first employee? (Or a top-level business manager?)
  • How do I maximize my efforts on Instagram? (Or expand my growth using Instagram influencers?)
  • How do I manage my time to get it all done?

And do you know where you get the answer? From your boss friends who get what you do, and have been through it, too.

Being Boss Community
is a place for creatives to

meet up + talk shop

In the Being Boss Community
You Can…


Here at Being Boss, we know that your business grows as your connections and relationships with peers grow – because we’ve seen it happen a gazillion times.

The Being Boss Community is safe, inclusive, and supportive hub we’ve built for you to get together, talk about your business, help others find solutions, and grow – as creatives, business owners, and cool boss people.

Because you don’t have to go at it alone. You can build your creative career and world-changing business with a tribe of bosses backing you up and helping you along the way.


Helping creatives do business is what we do best, so of course this community is filled with exclusive content for helping you do the work.

With a library of live presentation replays and downloadable worksheets and resources, as well as monthly and weekly prompts and insights*, we’re here to help you continually grow to the next level (or finally find your magical place of enough).

*Some content is only accessible at particular tiers of membership.


Finding just the right boss for the job is how we all make our creative businesses grow, and in the Classifieds section of the community, you can let people know how to hire you as well as ask for just the help you need so that a boss can come to the rescue!

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The Community is perfect for new bosses, or maybe just new-to-Being-Boss bosses.

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Gain access to our global community + directory of creative business owners, dive into the exclusive content library, and do business in the Classifieds.


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Billed Monthly / Yearly Available

Join the Clubhouse to enjoy a curated community experience + extra boss perks.

Being Boss Perks
Gain access to our global community + directory of creative business owners, dive into the exclusive content library, and do business in the Classifieds.

Weekly + Monthly Content
From New Moon Intention-Setting to monthly CEO check-ins, and so many boss things in between, enjoy just enough helpful content (without getting overwhelmed).

Pre-Sale Access to Events + Exclusive Retreat Invites
Be the first to grab your tickets to events like conferences and vacations, and enjoy exclusive invitations to top-secret Being Boss business retreats.

Bosses Make an Impact

Growing a global community in a global economy means we have a responsibility to make a global impact. When you join the Being Boss community, you are helping to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which membership tier is right for me?

The Being Boss Community has three different tiers, each defined by how “involved” you want to be with the community.

The Community
This is the base tier, giving you access to everyone here, the Classifieds, and general content, including podcast announcements and the Monday Meet-Up.

The Community is best for those just wanting to dip their toe in, anyone new to Being Boss, or those who are fresh in their business.

The Clubhouse
If you’re looking for more Being Boss content, chances for facilitated conversations, or a more curated community of bosses, the Clubhouse is a bit more exclusive and robust in its offerings. Exclusive Clubhouse content includes the First Friday CEO Check-Ins and New Moon Intention Setting.

The Clubhouse is great for mid-level bosses or those looking for more structure and support.

The C-Suite
When you put on the CEO hat and are ready to make boss moves with a refined group of bosses, the C-Suite is available to offer a more high-touch experience, with monthly co-working hours via video conference and access to the CEO Day Kit, including the quarterly CEO Day Q+A live calls with Emily. Membership is limited to 25 bosses at a time.

The C-Suite is for bosses looking for top-level support, a very curated community, and access to more face-to-face time with each other and the Being Boss team.

What are the payment options?

Each tier gives you the option of paying monthly or annually.

Can I cancel my membership? What is your cancellation policy?

If you purchase a monthly subscription, you can cancel your membership at any time. If you pay annually, you’re committing to a year of membership, but are welcome to cancel after your membership expires.

All memberships are non-refundable.

Can I change my membership level after I join?

For sure! Once you have an account you can change between membership levels easily in your account area.