Tuesday, June 28 • 3:00 PM Eastern

Virtual Co-Working

Looking for a little extra accountability? Get shit done with your fellow bosses during some virtual co-working.

Wednesday, June 29 • 4:30 PM Eastern

New Moon Circle (in Cancer, June 2022)

Want to elevate your new moon intention-setting practice with some face time with your fellow bosses?  Join in this meeting-style Zoom call to explore the energies of the season and collectively use the new moon to embrace personal (and business) growth.

Thursday, June 30 • 3:00 PM Eastern

The Art of Flowers with Leelee Dameron

Join us for a live + interactive workshop with florist and botanical artist, Leann Dameron! You’ll be guided through floral design basics, including how to care for fresh flowers, choose ingredients, and design steps to create arrangements.

Monday Meet-Ups

Free for all members every Monday! Join us for a group Zoom call to start your week! Come ready to share your wins, troubleshoot any obstacles, and enjoy the company of bosses who get it.

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