In order to bring our expanding library of content to the world, we’re looking for a Content Production Assistant who’s passionate about content, online marketing, and providing value through multi-media experiences across multiple platforms to join our team.

The creative who fills this role will work with our entire team, both core team and network of freelancers and contractors, to assist in organizing and managing the production of audio, video, and written content for the Being Boss brand.

Our dream Content Production Assistant…

  • is highly organized, energetic, and excited to learn and implement new things
  • is a team player and great communicator, but can also work alone and make/follow your own plans as well as following direction
  • is a quick learner and action-oriented with a desire to continuously improve
  • can hold others accountable for deliverables
  • loves being online
  • is very tech savvy, with a working knowledge of software such as Asana, Dropbox, Slack, WordPress, ConvertKit, etc
  • has a basic understanding of content marketing, with a desire to learn more
  • is totally chill under deadline

The duties include…

  • Keeping it on track. Working with leadership to manage our content calendars and keep the content team on track with production.
  • Keeping it together. Gathering assets from others and making sure final content is produced. (You don’t have to do the producing, but you gotta make sure it gets done and it’s all easy-to-access all the way through.)
  • Scheduling content for publish across multiple platforms (podcast, website, YouTube, Instagram, etc).
  • Scouting and scheduling guests and collaborators. From managing inbound pitches to scheduling guests, speakers, and collaborators, you’ll be responsible for the communications that bring people in to lend their expertise.
  • Part of the team. Collaborate with us to set goals, make plans, implement, and report on results.
  • Be a Being Boss ambassador. Show up and do the work in a way that’s aligned with our values, setting an example within our team and community.

Extra points if you have any of these skills…

If any of these skills are in your wheelhouse, your duties may expand to utilize them in this role.

  • writing
  • SEO
  • graphic design
  • audio / video editing
  • social media marketing
  • project management

About the position…

  • We start all new hires as contractors. In 6-8 weeks, we’ll discuss how to best proceed.
    • We are open to the hiring arrangement for the right person.
  • This is a remote position.
  • Beginning hours are approx. 10 per week.

About Being Boss…

Being Boss is a top-rated, -ranked, and award-winning online media company dedicated to helping creatives make money doing work they love.

Started in 2015 by two business besties starting a podcast about what it takes to be creative entrepreneurs, Being Boss has since grown from that podcast (boasting almost 10 million downloads) to a book, events, video content, and a thriving membership community of creative business owners.

Join our team to stay at the forefront of what it means to be boss in work and life, and navigate the ever-changing world of online business while we’re at it, as we not only enjoy but shape the landscape through our influence and reach.

Our culture is one of practicing what we preach, as we show up to do the work, and create jobs for ourselves that we enjoy, and make impact along the way.

To apply…

Email with the following:

  • Subject: Content Production Assistant Applicant [insert an emoji of your choosing]
  • A list of relevant experience, with links to examples as needed
  • Less than 100 words on what “being boss” means to you
  • 2 sentences of why you’re applying for this position
  • 2 sentences on your dream scenario for working with us

Due to a high volume of applicants, we will not reply to all submissions, only to those moving forward to the next round.

Thank you for your time, and cheers!