BOSSES IN THE WILD // Emily & Kathleen on The Secret Library Podcast & Lady Books

April 6, 2018

We’ve found that so many of the questions we get from emerging creative entrepreneurs centers around actually DOING the work. The thinking about it is easy, the dreaming and scheming is even delightful, but when it comes to DOING, we see a lot of hangups. This week Emily and Kathleen are over on The Secret Library Podcast and the Lady Books podcast talking about the process of writing the #BeingBossBook, and again, this question of “how do you actually DO it all?” came up. So in today’s minisode, we’re talking about the discipline of doing. Listen to the full episode of The Secret Library Podcast here >> and listen to the full episode of Lady Books here >>

Episode Transcript
"We see so many people let thinking about it get in the way of actually doing it."
- Kathleen Shannon

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