Episode 231

Business as Creative Expression with Maia Toll of Herbiary

May 26, 2020

Author and business owner Maia Toll joins to talk about using your business as an outlet for your creative expression, how to use intuition in your business, and how you can stay motivated for the long haul. Maia also took some time to tell us the fascinating story of how she became an entrepreneur and what led her to write her book series.

Episode Transcript
"When you are a person that has your own ideas about everything, eventually you're either going to have your own business or you're going to burn out."
- Maia

Discussed in this Episode

  • Maia tells her fascinating journey to becoming a business owner
  • How Maia's journey led her to writing her books
  • How Maia feels about the relationship with her business
  • Finding structure in creativity
  • Using your business as an expression of your creativity
  • How to stay motivated throughout the life of your business

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