Episode 1

Do the Work

January 5, 2015

Welcome to our very first episode of Being Boss – a podcast for creative entrepreneurs. In this episode, Kathleen and Emily share a little background on our journey to becoming friends and creative powerhouses in our businesses. The theme of this episode is all about “doing the work.” In other words, going from being just a creative to being a creative entrepreneur.

Episode Transcript
"What separates the hobbyists from the professionals in the creative industry is doing the work."
- Kathleen Shannon

Discussed in this Episode

  • What does it mean to do the work?
  • Debunking the overnight success
  • Kathleen shares a story about her brother who is a sideshow performer from Coney Island, NY – he’s the ultimate example of a creative who is dedicated to doing the work
  • Emily shares a behind-the-scenes example of doing the work by getting transparent about her email newsletter strategy
  • We talk about characteristics of admirable boss-ladies who “do the work"
  • We discuss systems we have in place for doing the work when we’d rather be binging on Netflix
  • Finally, we share what you can expect on future podcasts what it’s like to run a creative, online business and Be Boss in today’s world

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


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Kathleen Shannon


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