Episode #107 // Meet Emily & Kathleen

Episode #107 // Meet Emily & Kathleen

At over 100 episodes in and with so many new listeners, we thought we’d take a moment to reintroduce ourselves, share what we stand for and what makes us tick as creative entrepreneurs, and of course reveal some random, silly, and maybe never-before-shared facts about ourselves.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How we cultivate confidence
  • Our daily habits and routines
  • When boundaries get challenged
  • How we build our creative community and creative friendships
  • Our money mindsets & how we make money
  • Quickfire round!

Confidence and self esteem


If anything, success itself has shaken my confidence. Click To Tweet There's a difference between confidence and self-esteem. Click To Tweet I try to think about how events and opportunities fit in the big picture of who I want to be. Click To Tweet If at some point I don't say no, I'm going to be spread thin and that's not good for anybody. Click To Tweet


Maintaining my confidence is about looking back and seeing the proof that I can do hard shit. Click To Tweet It's a lot easier to cultivate your own self-esteem when you're being self-aware. Click To Tweet You can be self-aware, but if you don't own it and choose to feel confident, you won't. Click To Tweet You never know where a connection is going to go. Click To Tweet Having more than one stream of revenue is how you build security on a whole other level. Click To Tweet

Self esteem comes from self awareness

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