Episode 127

The Comparison Trap with Vasavi Kumar

June 6, 2017

As creative entrepreneurs, it’s easy to play the comparison game and get stuck in the comparison trap, so we’ve got coach, Vasavi Kumar, joining us to talk about how to manage that comparison game and cultivate an unshakable sense of confidence—whether you’re comparing yourself to someone more accomplished than yourself or paralyzed by the guilt of your own privilege.

Episode Transcript
"You can create anything you want, and when you know that, it's pointless to compare yourself to other people."
- Vasavi Kumar

Discussed in this Episode

  • Vasavi's path to entrepreneurship & coaching
  • Urgency as an entrepreneur
  • Getting caught in the comparison trap and dealing with fraudy feelings
  • Breaking down the comparison trap to continue creating what you want
  • The reverse comparison trap—becoming paralyzed by privilege guilt
  • Using creativity to contribute positively to the world

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