Episode #129 // Committing to Your Passion Project...

Episode #129 // Committing to Your Passion Project with Kendra Aronson

What happens when you commit yourself to a passion project and don’t let go? Kendra Aronson is on the podcast sharing her story of how she launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund her popular cookbook after the passion project wouldn’t leave her mind.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Kendra’s creative background
  • Shifting focus in your path/passion + finishing what you start
  • Having a “training wheels” project to fuel your passion project
  • Funding a project through Kickstarter / crowd funding
  • Logistics of selling a cookbook
  • Following your passion

Persistence + perseverance


Just do the thing, stop thinking about it. Just go out and do it already! -Kendra Aronson Click To Tweet It's easy to have passion, but it's another thing to have persistence or perseverance. -Kendra Aronson Click To Tweet If you're really passionate about something, there is no Plan B. You cannot fail. -Kendra Aronson Click To Tweet If you really truly believe in something, just feed that energy because it's only going to grow. -Kendra Aronson Click To Tweet

Feed energy into what you believe

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