Episode 142 // Tap into Your Pleasure with Arielle Loren

September 19, 2017

Sexual energy is the foundation of creative energy—that’s what business strategist, Arielle Loren, strongly believes. So in this episode, we’re talking all about how to tap into your pleasure and sensual energy (especially as a woman), and how it can help you grow confidence in your business.

Sexual energy is the foundation of creative energy. Click To Tweet To grind in the right direction, you have to be tapped into your intuition and pleasure is a link to intuition. Click To Tweet Let people deal with their fear. Their fear is not your responsibility to regulate. Click To Tweet Cultivate your pleasure; you're going to see some returns. Click To Tweet
This Episode Brought to You By:
"Sexual energy is the foundation of creative energy."
- Arielle Loren

Discussed in this Episode

  • Arielle's creative background
  • How traditional business tactics have failed women
  • What happens when you can "master" your sexual energy
  • Using yoni eggs to experiment with sexual energy
  • Leaving room for pleasure in the workplace
  • Why do we feel shame or fear around expressing our sexual or feminine energy?
  • Experiments you can try to own your sensuality


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