Episode 190 // Choose Wonder Over Worry with Amber Rae

August 21, 2018

Amber Rae, author of Choose Wonder Over Worry, joins us on Being Boss to talk about acting on your truth, finding internal awareness, learning from your emotions, identifying your priorities when you think you don’t have enough time, and moving past your upper limits.

“I love curiosity as a tool for finding resonance and finding alignment.”

“For me, success is really the inner truth expressed.” (can we make ITEs the new ROIs?)

“Envy is so powerful to identify inspiration.”

“Every time I hear someone say, ‘I don’t have enough time,’ what I’m actually hearing is, ‘I don’t know what matters and I don’t know what my priorities are.'”

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"For me, success is really the inner truth expressed."
- Amber Rae

Discussed in this Episode

  • Seeking external approval vs. internal awareness
  • How Amber defines success
  • When acting on your truth allows you to learn and grow
  • Dealing with rejection that may come after following your wonder
  • Habits & routines to consistently practice choosing wonder over worry
  • The importance of listening to your "negative" emotions
  • Using envy as creative entrepreneurs
  • Dealing with not having enough time
  • How creatives self-sabotage

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In this episode, the What’s Working / Kinda / Not worksheet was mentioned. Download your copy here!


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