Episode 293

Finding Your Passion & Purpose in Life Using Astrology with Natalie Walstein

March 15, 2022

Everyone has a calling in life. Astrology can help business owners align with theirs. In this episode, Emily of Being Boss dives deep with Natalie Walstein, a career astrologer and business coach. They discuss birth charts, what astrology can reveal about your life, and how your zodiac chart can help you discover what your cosmic calling truly is.

Episode Transcript
"The great thing about astrology is that it validates you and confirms who you are so that you can live your purpose with confidence."
- Natalie Walstein

Discussed in this Episode

  • Natalie’s journey into career astrology
  • What your “cosmic calling” means
  • What a birth chart is and how it relates to your unique life experience
  • How to use your birth chart to observe your calling in life and business
  • Ways you can live in alignment with your birth chart at any time

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