Episode 278

Finding Your Vision in Business and Life with Monique Shields

December 7, 2021

Entrepreneurship begins with a vision. Especially for women today, crafting a business that carries out your vision is more important than ever before. In this episode, Emily has a conversation with Monique Shields, a business coach who helps women exit corporate jobs to live the life of their dreams. They discuss vision casting in business and life, how to sell with vision-focused intentions, and tips for growing your business community with depth and meaning.

Episode Transcript
"Vision is not a set plan toward a defined future. It’s a lot more present and active— it’s about your ability to imagine and connect with what’s true inside of you."
- Monique Shields

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Monique became an entrepreneur
  • What is vision in business? Why do entrepreneurs need one?
  • How Monique specifically found her vision for her business
  • An exercise for tapping into your business and life vision
  • How to implement your vision into what you do and how you show up in life
  • What to do with feelings of imposter syndrome when vision casting
  • Tips to start selling with your vision in place
  • How to overcome the common blocks people run into when doing the visioning work
  • The importance of community and relationships

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