Episode 334

Overcoming a Middle-Class Money Mindset with Danetha Doe

December 27, 2022

Are you stuck in a middle-class money mindset? Danetha Doe returns to Being Boss to share how she identified this societal and systemic money mindset in herself. Dive deep with Emily and Danetha as they explore how a middle-class money mindset manifests, how it may be holding you back, and practical tips for breaking free.

Episode Transcript
"When we remove that middle-class money mindset, there is this blend of my life is play and play is my work."
- Danetha Doe

Discussed in this Episode

  • Danetha shares her adventures since being on the show last
  • The 3 main characteristics of a middle-class money mindset
  • The shift society is making when it comes to money and work
  • How Danetha identified her own middle-class money mindset
  • Ways a middle-class money mindset can hold you back
  • The idea of embracing a leisure mindset
  • Practical steps and tips for moving beyond a middle-class money mindset
  • A more fun and freeing way to look at financial freedom

Resources Mentioned