Podcast Episode #43 // Live from NOLA

Today we have a very special episode because we recorded LIVE in New Orleans with 75 other bosses and we’re going to be answering their questions quick fire style—about the future of Being Boss, getting a little woo woo in your business, hiring and keeping your team happy, and handling naysayers and negativity. We’ve even got Kathleen’s sister and business partner sharing that story about the one time Kathleen tried out for America’s Next Top model…

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What happened during the Being Boss New Orleans trip
  • Revenue and hiring additional team members
  • The future of Being Boss
  • Talking specific about pricing and income goals
  • Raising your contract rates significantly
  • Woo woo with clients and woo woo in your relationships
  • Having a business partner – dynamics of a relationship, roles, and hard conversations
  • Inspiring and keeping your team happy
  • How to set your personal self from your brand when you are your brand (boundaries)
  • How to find time for your own creative projects/creative release
  • Business titles and explaining what you do
  • Finding a coach that works for you
  • How to talk about being a business owner to your non-entrepreneur friends
  • Handling naysayers and negativity
  • That one time Kathleen tried out for America’s Next Top Model…

If this fails is it worth trying


I've learned to ask myself: 'If this fails, is it worth trying?' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'Recognizing that not everyone wants to be their own boss is HUGE.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'Boil it down: If you coach but you hate the word coach—it's a word people know that'll get you hired.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'Say what you mean when talking about what you do. I know it's not EVERYTHING you do, but that's okay.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet 'We don't all have to be entrepreneurs to connect like bosses. You can BE boss without being THE boss.' -@andkathleen Click To Tweet

Gut check first thing in the morning


'Doing a gut check first thing in the morning before you have time to overthink things is magical.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'I create a company culture that gives my team the same joy that running the business gives me.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'Set boundaries between the parts of you that become your brand and the parts you reserve for you.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'It's not your services or your name, it's the people you decide to become a part of your business.' @EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet 'Working with clients you really love will fill your bank account and fill your soul.' -@EmilyM_Thompson Click To Tweet

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