Episode 209

Rest for Productivity

February 12, 2019

Rest is essential when you are running a business, so today we’re discussing what we learned from reading the book Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less. We’re also exploring the business trends that we anticipate for 2019, the ongoing balance between work and life, and time blocking and planning your day when you have children or a sporadic schedule.

Episode Transcript
"Every season of your life and business requires a different way for you to show up."
- Emily Thompson

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why rest is important, what is means, and how we can get more of it
  • Finding the balance between work and life
  • Is the online marketing bubble about to pop?
  • Business is trending towards more personal connections and less automation
  • Shifting towards diversity and inclusion in marketing
  • Advice for planning work and life when you're a working parent
  • How to time block when your schedule is sporadic

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Emily Thompson


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