Secret Episode // A Conversation Between Business Besties

June 1, 2016

Normally we have an outline of what we want to talk about before we record each episode, but in this secret episode, we’re going rogue—you’ll get to see the real Kathleen and Emily. This is a peek into what a real conversation looks like between business besties (and give you a glimpse into the conversations that evolved into the idea of starting a podcast together).

I feel this certain amount of pressure to have the answer, and I don't have the answer. Click To Tweet I don't want people to confuse authenticity with extroversion or boldness or crassness. Click To Tweet If podcasting has taught me anything, voice is more impactful than words on a screen. Click To Tweet It's really easy to say what you want, and it's another thing entirely to do it. Click To Tweet If you're going to be in a relationship, you have to be open to the other person growing. Click To Tweet
Episode Transcript

Discussed in this Episode

  • Huge changes in Emily's business structure
  • Helping each other through business decisions and creating new products/services
  • Fighting feelings of overwhelm and feeling scattered when you have a lot on your plate
  • Responsibility toward the community you grow in your business
  • The future of growing Being Boss
  • What we want to be known for and how can we bring that into our work?
  • What does authenticity mean?
  • Authenticity vs. privacy
  • Practicing what you preach—are we actually living the Boss life we teach?
  • Astrology and organizing the human experience
  • Growing as individuals outside of our business partnership
  • Emily's move last year and Kathleen's potential future move
  • Goals for June

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


Almanac Supply Co

Kathleen Shannon
Kathleen Shannon


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