Virtual Mastermind Retreat
January 11 + 12, 2021

Hello bosses!

Kicking off a new year (especially this new year, am I right?) is an opportunity to really narrow in on what you want to accomplish in the months ahead and lay out the plan that will help you reach your goals.

And bosses know that this is best done when we do it together!

Join me in a small virtual mastermind retreat on January 11 + 12, 2021 to help you work through your biggest struggle or opportunity in the new year.

Masterminding is my favorite way to work with creative business owners, because the more boss minds you have on a problem, the more possibilities rise to the top. Real and transformative progress is easily made.

My biggest takeaway is the feedback from other bosses who get business. For me, it was about having a clear direction with my problem and actionable things from bosses who have tested them, and that means a lot to me.

– Meagan S.


This event is a 2-day mastermind on Monday, January 11 – Tuesday, January 12 hosted on Zoom, with an optional virtual meet-and-greet on the evening of Saturday, January 10.

Each member will get a dedicated 45-minute hotseat for workshopping your biggest struggle or opportunity in your creative business.

You’ll also be able to lend assistance to and learn from each other member’s hotseat session, making it two days of expansion and learning.

Each day’s sessions will run from approximately 9am – 4pm ET. A final schedule will be delivered a week prior to the event.

This event is led and supported by me, and is open to a max of 10 bosses to ensure an intimate, high-touch, and transformative gathering.

Hearing everyone else tell their story, and then how we all got to work through their questions was fantastic, because a lot of their questions were my questions. I feel like I can go home with tools for helping my business grow, even though my business was unlike anyone else’s.”

– Monique R.


This mastermind is open to all bosses in this community.

The magic of these retreats is to bring in different perspectives, from baby bosses to next-level bosses, from product and service. You’ll be shocked at how out-of-the-box and seriously stellar the solutions are that come out of these retreats.

Everyone here is focused on helping each other, giving of their own expertise and wisdom. What an educational experience!”

-Rachel C.

Topics are always as varied as bosses, and the beauty is that you’ll get to workshop exactly what you need in your business. But to give you an idea of common topics, here are some past occurrences:

  • Delegating into my first (or fifth) hire
  • Expanding services into a course or digital product
  • Scaling systems and/or production
  • Launch tactics
  • Streamlining marketing efforts for more ROI


The investment for this event is $1,500, payable in 2 monthly payments of $750.

You can save your spot now by making your first payment of $750 here >>

Spots are first-come(pay)/first-serve and are capped at 10 bosses. Any spots not booked by December 1 will be offered to the wider Being Boss audience outside of this community.

(If you’d like to pay in 1 payment, contact us.)

Working with bosses in masterminds such as this is my favorite. It’s both fun and HUGELY impactful, and I’m excited to bring this opportunity to you to kick off your new year.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask below or via DM.

I look forward to working with you soon!