Season 1 // Episode 1

It’s all about VALUE

March 14, 2018

Starting a new business means getting in the right mindset, so we’re talking about creating a business based on your values, having a long-term vision to make sure your business is really something you want, and how to overcome the fraudy feelings that inevitably arise.

Episode Transcript
"Having a business that aligns with your own personal values is a foundational practice of starting and growing an authentic business."
- Kathleen Shannon

Discussed in this Episode

  • Past work experiences as stepping stones and tools to help you get to new places
  • Building a business with a long-term vision as something you truly want to be doing every day
  • Using your values to shape your business
  • How to deal with fraudy feelings when you're starting a business

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


Almanac Supply Co

Kathleen Shannon
Kathleen Shannon


Braid Creative