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February 20, 2015

Emily here. Today I want to touch on something that was touched on briefly in this week’s full episode – Your Website is your most valuable employee. We’re talking about consistency and legitimacy and how creating a consistence presence with your website, colors, autoresponders, and weekly newsletters helps your clients trust you.

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"Consistency breeds legitimacy."
- Emily Thompson


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Emily Thompson 0:00
Hello, and welcome to Being Boss Minisode.

Emily Thompson 0:11
And we're here for our first ever Being Boss Minisode. Kathleen and I have been listening to all of you. And so many of you are asking for more Being Boss, we are so grateful for you and so grateful that you are loving what we're doing so much that not only are you listening to what we have, but you're begging for more, so thank you. And in honor of that, we would actually like to give you what you asked for. So we're going to be doing some fun mini episodes here and there releasing them occasionally, to dive in a little bit deeper on some of the things that we talk about in our larger episodes. Today, I want to touch on something that was touched on briefly and this week's full episode. Episode number seven, your website is your most valuable employee. Towards the end of that episode, we brought up a concept that we didn't really get to talk about for the sake of time, but was really important for me to take a few minutes today and fill you in on. And this concept is something that isn't just a good concept to sort of live your online business by. But it's really become a mantra for me and one that I sort of instill into my clients.

Emily Thompson 1:27
It's my not so secret formula for building a bad ass online presence for creative entrepreneurs, but really also entrepreneurs in general. So this concept, what is it? And that is that consistency breeds legitimacy. I will say it again, because I want you to like drill this into your head. Consistency breeds legitimacy. So what does that mean? Consistency, according to is steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc. Side note, uses etc. and their definitions, but that's fine. Regardless, consistency is a steadfast adherence to the same principles. And in the world of building an online presence for a business. Your principles are your brand standards that get fleshed as well into web strategy. This is why having a clear, concise, well defined brand that grows into a well defined website strategy is so imperative for your business. So consistency is setting brand rules defining web strategy and sticking to them. Always. Now, what about legitimacy? According, there's tons of things say about legitimacy. But the one thing that sticks out to me is the word genuine. So sticking to some clear rules throughout your brand, website, communications, social interactions, and online presence as a whole, make you look genuine. You may be thinking, Okay, cool, Emily. So what. I'll tell you what, being consistent in your online presence is so important, and looking legitimate is so important. Because the number one reason that consumers do not buy from a brand. And this can be a big brand, it can be a little brand, it's my brand, your brand, every brand is because of a lack of trust.

Emily Thompson 3:49
Because the reason why a dreamy dream customer may be on your site right now and not buying you is because they're not sure if they can trust you. It's not that you are untrustworthy. It's just that you don't look trustworthy. With what you're currently putting out there. Someone who comes off as genuine is trustworthy. I think we can all agree on that. And someone who does not appear legitimate or genuine. Doesn't seem to be trustworthy. And a we don't trust untrustworthy people with our time and money. Right. So think about it. you're in the market for say a new business coach, and you're looking at to one of them has a nice designed website, very clear, concise messaging. Their website is very fluid, it has clear call to actions

Emily Thompson 4:46
and everything's sort of makes sense. You submit a contact form and even the autoresponder comes back so full of branded goodness, that this person is legitimate and you were excited about the potential of working with them. On the other hand, you have a business coach who has thrown together a quick website has a bit of brand messaging, but obviously hasn't put the effort into this online presence. As example number one, you submit a contact form, it comes with a generic autoresponder. And it's not saying that they're unforced trustworthy, you probably don't think they're as trustworthy as the business coach who looks like they totally have their shit together. And this model holds the same for anything you want to buy in life, whether you're looking for a real estate agent to buy a house from, or a jewelry designer who has a super dreamy piece that will fit well with that outfit that you just bought. It could be your next business coach or designer, or brand builder. Or it could even be a Kickstarter campaign that's trying to raise funds for goodness knows what the point here is, that what's going to separate you from your competitor is the amount of trust that comes built in to the online presence that you're putting out there. And this is in colors, and and messaging, and even and how often it is that you send out your newsletters, consistency in your presence from contact form autoresponders to the Instagram images that you post will lend hugely to the amount of legitimacy that you are building for your brand. So what would make your customers trust you more? What can you do to your current online presence that will make you more trustworthy, and that is consistency. You can't log into a store anymore and get to know the store owners one on one and online world that is not what happens. You have to build that trust in your brand and website without you even being there. So be super consistent. And you'll get there. Thank you for giving me a wee bit of your time today. I hope this insight will help you build a badass online business for yourself. And if you haven't already, please check out all of our full episodes on On iTunes and on SoundCloud. Also, if you love us, prove it. Leave us a review on iTunes. Share us with a friend and help us make our mark on the world. Do the work. Be boss and we will see you next week.