How to Come Up with Content

August 5, 2016

Today’s minisode is all about how to come up with content when you don’t know what to write about or what to say next.

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"Consistency breeds legitimacy, and part of that is creating content on a consistent basis."
- Emily Thompson


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Emily Thompson 0:00
Hello and welcome to being boss. This minisode is all about how to come up with content when you don't know what to write about or say next.

Emily Thompson 0:14
Hi, there bosses, Emily here flying solo this week while Kathleen is out on vacation. And I'm really excited about talking with you about content around these parts. We share a whole lot of content at being boss. We have blog posts, and full episodes and minisodes and newsletters. We also have Instagram. And we also have individual businesses. So Kathleen has been creative with blog posts and newsletters and Instagrams, I have Indy shot biography where I do toolkits, and Instagram and newsletters, all of the things, tons of content being created at any given time. We're also doing webinars, Kathleen's totally jamming on Facebook Live, if you want to go follow us over on Facebook. So tons of content is being generated all the time for our brands. And we run into the content block quite often. And I know that you guys do too, because you write it to us and tell us that you do. So I'm going to touch on a couple of my very favorite ways to get over this content block. Because you have to be creating content, I'm always preaching consistency breeds legitimacy. And part of that is creating content on a consistent basis. So what happens if your Thursday newsletter rolls around, and you actually don't know what you're going to say? So we're gonna be talking about a couple of my favorite tactics for getting over that content block and getting your content out in the world so that you are consistently proving your expertise and nurturing your tribe with your little brain nuggets. So let's dive in. My first and very favorite way of doing this, or really, I guess, the most efficient and like, quick able to do right now way of getting over content blog is to go through my email. So if you have been working up an online presence, or if you've been having client inquiries or, or just having people interact with you around the online sphere, and chances are you've been getting some questions around your expertise.

Emily Thompson 2:17
So check your email, check your Instagram feed, check your Facebook messages, if that's where you hang out and see what kinds of questions you're actually being asked and answer them. That's actually one of the ways that we create our minisodes. It's how we get most of our ideas for our full episodes. It's how I write my newsletters. It's where we get our blog post ideas from so much of our content actually comes from you, not us. So the content ideas that we that we generate the actually come from all of our really rad listeners who write in questions. So if you're struggling, check your inbox, what sort of questions are coming in for you that you can answer for your next piece of content. Another way that you can do this, or that you can get over your content block is to look at your audience online and not even your audience. Look at the people that you're following online, go check out your Twitter feed, what are people talking about? Go check out your Instagram feed, what are people talking about. And you can create your next bit of content around what's actually going on in the web sphere. It's also a really great way for you to have really relevant content for that moment, if you're actually going to be replying due and talking about things that are that are of current interest. So checking out your feeds and seeing what other people what other people are gaming about is a really great way for you to get some good ideas about what you could be writing about next. Another good option for you is to think about your customers and clients. Think about what they're struggling with if they were sending you email questions right now, what would they be asking you. And this is sometimes even better, because whenever you are able to choose your questions, you get to really hone in on your special awesome expertise and shine in the way that you best can. So thinking about what your clients are struggling with, what they're facing over and over and the solutions that you are here to solve can give you some really great insights into some additional content that you can create.

Emily Thompson 4:20
And then actually this one is probably my favorite, my very favorite and that's to phone a friend to get in touch with someone who knows your brand and knows your content and see if they have a fresh perspective about the kinds of things that you could be sharing. I do this weekly. I feel these days because we're creating so much content sometimes I can get get a little in my head I'm spinning the same wills in the same place is to you know do the work be boss is the content that I share. But sometimes having a fresh perspective having someone that's on the outside helping you fill in what's going on on the inside can be monumental for giving you breakthroughs for not only this next piece of content that you need to create, but the next six pieces of content that you need to create. I do this by asking my life and business partner, David. Occasionally, sometimes his are just super money focused. And that's all good and great. But he's one track minded sometimes about money like that. It's his job to so I love it. Or sometimes I'll go ask Corey, my developer, if there are any toolkits that I need to be creating, if he's been having any customer inquiries, or client inquiries coming in that I need to touch on.

Emily Thompson 5:38
At being boss, Kathleen, and I will bounce ideas off of each other, or talk with our team to find out if anyone has any ideas as to the kinds of content that we should be creating either that there's something that they want our brand to solve, or if there's something that they've been saying around the internet as well. So chatting with your Wolfpack members, your business besties, the people who are on your team, even if they're just like a contracted virtual assistant, those sorts of things, they probably have a good idea of the kinds of things that they would like to hear you chat about. So tap your tribe and see if there are any people around you who have some really great ideas for the kinds of content that you should be sharing next. And one of my favorite things about this tactic is that if you ask someone who does have a really great idea about the your brand and the kinds of content that you create, one idea from one of these people can easily spark many more ideas for lots more content to come. So this is a really great resource for you to tap for more content ideas. So if you're feeling it, you're feeling the feeling the pain of creating all of this content, and you're running your your reserves dry of content ideas, there's a couple of tactics for you to help you keep trucking ahead. being consistent with your content continually proving you're proving your expertise and nurturing your tribe with your own special bit of genius. So, hit the blog posts, newsletters, Instagrams, Facebook Lives, webinars, whatever it may be, whether your next bit of content, continue to grow that expertise, and I'll see you around the web.

Kathleen Shannon 7:24
Kathleen here, I wanted to pop in and let you all know that branding, business visioning and coaching creatives to blend more of who they are into what they do, while also positioning themselves as confident creative experts is my one and only focus over at read creative, and I spent years developing an online program for creative entrepreneurs who need a bit of their own brand clarity. Learn more at where you can read free articles, sign up for our mailing list, and get access to free branding webinars. We're also offering an ecourse to new students only until August 8, so be sure to click ecourse in the main menu to learn more.

Emily Thompson 8:06
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