Keeping Momentum After Conferences

December 30, 2016

How do you keep the momentum going after an amazing conference? We’re sharing our tips for following up with connections you’ve made and for creating action from the ideas and insights you learn at the conference.

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"Make your connections and then make follow ups a priority."
- Emily Thompson


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Emily Thompson 0:02
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Kathleen Shannon 1:05
Welcome to being boss, today's minisode comes live from Toronto, when we hung out with over 100 bosses in person at freshbooks headquarters.

Speaker 3 1:22
How do I keep momentum going after this weekend?

Kathleen Shannon 1:27
Good question.

Emily Thompson 1:30
Make your connections here. And then make follow ups a priority. Because you'll walk away with your little notes in your notebook and never look at it again. Like I'm one of those people usually. But I do make relationships a priority in my business. And that's something we following up with the good social media and the one on one. I once a month I'm meeting up with the people that I've met at conferences, or the people that that were really engaging on Instagram, like we make Skype dates. And then we talk about the things that I wrote down on my notebook. And we hold each other accountable for following through the little things that we read on our notebook. And so if you want to keep it going, it's cultivating the relationships, and having the accountability and having someone long term who shared in that experience that can help you along with putting everything in place so that the momentum never dies. But you do have to make those relationships a priority. Skype dates once a month is pretty standard.

Kathleen Shannon 2:31
We also Is it okay to talk about the clubhouse. Yeah, so being boss has a thing called the being boss clubhouse. And we let 25 people in at a time. And it's a two day online super intensive retreat, followed by monthly master classes every single month. And we started to do a different business model where we could just get hundreds of 1000s of people into it. But it didn't feel personal or beneficial to anyone that we were serving. Right. So we tried to restructure it in a way that felt like we were bringing these offline vibes into the online sphere. So if you guys don't have a business bestie and you don't need us to be boss, you can totally do it on your own 100%. But if you don't have a business bestie if you're having a hard time finding your wolf pack and connecting, we can totally help you guys do that as well.

Emily Thompson 3:24

Kathleen Shannon 3:26
I also strongly believe in just scheduling things out in your calendar. So if you want to keep the momentum going here, look at what kinds of goals or ideas or insights are coming up and start to create an actual action plan. start to think about Okay, what's the next step? You can either start at the first next step, or you can work backwards from your goal. You can say okay, my goal now is whatever it might be, and then

Emily Thompson 3:55
Brains dead, it's fine.

Kathleen Shannon 3:57
So you will work backwards from that goal, like so what is the thing that happens right before that goal is achieved. And then what happens before that and before that, and before that, where you can work backwards to right now that takes a little bit more like hypothesis and projection. I like to work from both ways to get to my goal. I like to see what's happening right before my goal is achieved. And what is my next smallest step now and I kind of work backwards just to make sure that my path is staying aligned the whole time. actionable steps and schedule it in your calendar so that you're actually doing it. Emily is the bomb at creating a to do list. Email Emily, she'll help you write a to do list to get to your goals.

Emily Thompson 4:41
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