June 5, 2015

Kathleen here. Today I want to talk about the power of using mantras and journaling in order to grow your business with focus.

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"There is a valuable mind body connection that happens when you write things down."
- Kathleen Shannon


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Hello, and welcome to being boss minisode number 16.

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All right, on to our minisode. Today, I want to talk quickly about the power of using mantras and journaling in order to kind of stay sane, and grow your business with focus. So I learned how to incorporate mantras into my own business whenever I was working with an executive coach. And it was as I was launching braid creative with my sister, we knew that going from a day job to working for ourselves was going to come with its own sets of challenges. So we hired a coach to help us navigate those waters, those that uncharted territory. And one of the things that he made us do at the end of every session was create a mantra for the week. So I started incorporating this all the time into my business. And the creatives that I coach, I'm always making them come up with their own monitors as well. So let's try this together today. Today's minisode is going to be very interactive, I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pen and preferably grab a journal or notebook that you love. But even a legal pad or the back of an envelope will do. I do recommend that you stay off your computer and get pen to paper. And simply thinking isn't enough, either. There is a valuable Mind Body connection that happens whenever you actually write things down. Alright, so at the top of this piece of paper I want you to write down, be here now. This is your mantra for the week, and a quick word on mantras.

Kathleen Shannon 2:48
Up until a couple of years ago, I thought that mantras were sacred words reserved for dedicated Yogi's or spiritual practitioners. But I realized that mantras could be for everyone, regardless of your religious affiliation, or even level of skepticism. After working with an executive coach who insisted that I end each session together with him with a mantra for the week. Now, this is now something I practice and implement for my own one on one coaching clients. It is so powerful, using mantras worked for me and I think it can work for you too. Now a mantra is simply a phrase or a word that you repeat over and over to yourself. And if you don't like the word mantra, you can replace it with affirmation, focus, or even motto. Now having a mantra and affirmation. A focus or a motto can accomplish lots of great things. The repetition of the words that you want to manifest and saying them over and over again, literally carves out some new neural pathways in your brain. And it creates these new connections that give you confidence and it reframes the whole story from sometimes a lot of negative self chatter to some really good stuff. Now, repeating these thoughts over and over and over again, you'll start to see come to life as actions and things. It will change your world and your worldview. It is truly the power of positive thinking. I once worked with one on one coaching client who couldn't really get behind the whole mantra thing. Now I get it positive affirmations can feel cheesy and even worse, sometimes you can feel like you're lying to yourself. And that's where mantras and affirmations can be dangerous.

Kathleen Shannon 4:42
And the last thing I want you doing is telling yourself something like I am a beautiful unicorn if you feel anything but a beautiful unicorn. So that's why whenever it comes to creating a mantra, I recommend it being centered around an action or a phrase that will bring your attention to where you are in the moment, and where you really want to be. Alright, so back to your mantra for the week. Your mantra is be here. Now, this has worked for a lot of my own creative clients who get too stuck in the past or too involved in worrying about the future or even daydreaming about the future. So be here now. Now I want to bring in the journaling component of this. You've written be here now down at the top of your piece of paper, be sure to write today's date on this piece of paper to That's right, I'm totally tricking you into having a diary. Now, underneath be here. Now, I want you to write a few words on what this means to you. Get really curious with the phrase, be here now and see what happens. Ask questions, go on tangents. Maybe you'll even doodle or sketch it is all good. You may immediately fill the page, or you might stare at a blank page for a minute. That's okay. You may even write something like What the f i have no idea what to write. It's all good. Now, I want to invite you to journal around the topic of be here. Now every day, if you like to write in the mornings, maybe you set intentions on how to bring be here now into your life and into your day. Or perhaps you might like to reflect in the evenings on how repeating the mantra be here now, actually affected your day.

Kathleen Shannon 6:37
Now it's time to be here now and say it a million times. Over the next week. I want you to say be here now to yourself over and over again. We're talking a million times. Well, a million might be an exaggeration, but seriously, try it. If you have a hard time remembering to say your mantra throughout the day, just set a few random alarms on your phone. You can even get old fashioned within tie a string around your finger to remind you every time you look down to be here now. Now this mantra for this week is a suggestion only if there is another phrase or another word with the intention of being present that resonates with you use that instead. Alright, that's all I've got for you today. Not today's minisode comes directly from my DIY coaching for creatives email subscription, but I have a special Just for being boss listeners. You see Emily and I have bundled up my DIY coaching for creatives email subscription with Emily's Get your shit together email subscription. It is a jam packed subscription bundles spilling a ton of our best tips, tricks, tactics, and even worksheets into 22 emails that will land in your inbox over the course of four weeks. We created our subscriptions to help aspiring entrepreneurs live the creative life that they want which will make building your business all the easier. You can find out more by going to love being boss comm slash bundle again that's And you can also just find that at All right. Thanks you all and we'll see you next week.