Episode 316

5 Tips for Better Work Life Balance

August 23, 2022

Is work life balance as a creative entrepreneur truly possible? If you struggle with your work life balance you are not alone. But finding the perfect blend of work and life is possible if you plan for it and assess what phase you are in consistently. In this episode, Emily shares her 5 top tactics for achieving a good work life flow, whatever that looks like for you.

Episode Transcript
"Plan your business around your life. Prioritize your life."
- Emily

Discussed in this Episode

  • Why work life balance is a bit of a myth and what it looks like instead
  • The importance of work life flow as an creative entrepreneur
  • Signs that your work life balance is in disarray
  • Why creative business owners struggle with work life balance
  • Five tactics for working toward your version of work life balance

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Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson


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