Episode 303

Be Your Own Project Manager with Jackie Cahill

May 24, 2022

Project management can change your world as a business owner. More importantly, it can bring your big vision to life. In this episode, Emily of Being Boss discusses all things project management with Jackie Cahill, the Senior Project Manager at Biddy Tarot. They share some of the top time management skills every entrepreneur needs, how to identify project priorities, and tips for becoming your own project manager.

Episode Transcript
"Project management is the key to the success of any vision you have. It’s how you make your vision a reality."
- Jackie Cahill

Discussed in this Episode

  • Skills required for entrepreneurs to crush their project management
  • Planning for a project you’ve never done before
  • Communication throughout team projects
  • The most important project management steps in solo projects
  • Quality assurance checks for any finished project
  • Signs it’s time for you to consider hiring a project manager
  • The difference between traditional and agile project management
  • Project management tools for business owners

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