Episode 34

Building the Whole30 Empire with Melissa Hartwig

August 25, 2015

Today’s guest is Whole30 founder and NYT best-selling author, Melissa Hartwig. Melissa has given hundreds, if not thousands, of interviews on the Whole30 but we want to get the exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at what it means to build an empire as a creative entrepreneur.

Episode Transcript
"To be a really successful entrepreneur, the first person you have to take care of is yourself."
- Melissa Hartwig

Discussed in this Episode

  • How to maintain control of your brand when your business is growing at such a fast rate
  • Giving away things for free & avoiding advertising to build trust in your community
  • Stress addiction
  • Setting the boundaries of sharing vs maintaining privacy online
  • How self-care affects your business

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