Episode 33

Self Care for Mom Bosses with Rebecca Egbert

August 18, 2015

To the working moms, mom-to-be’s, and mamapreneurs—this episode is for you! We’re talking with postpartum health expert Rebecca Egbert about self care—mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually—for mothers who are also boss.

Episode Transcript
"Make an investment in yourself that takes you out of mother role and puts you into boss/woman/friend role."
- Rebecca Egbert

Discussed in this Episode

  • Getting in your right mind as a mom and a boss, especially when you're sleep-deprived
  • Habits and routines for mom-bosses
  • Tapping your creative community as a mom-boss and combating alienation
  • Getting organized and setting boundaries as a mom and a boss
  • Easing back into physical exercise after childbirth

Resources Mentioned