Episode #112 // Creativity Comes First with Laura ...

Episode #112 // Creativity Comes First with Laura Tremaine

Laura Tremaine (aka The Hollywood Housewife) is joining us today to talk all about creativity and being creative even if you’re not monetizing (yet) by following your own rules of how your creativity thrives.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Laura’s creative background moving from Oklahoma to L.A.
  • Leaving a job to start a family and a mommy blog
  • Blogging as a creative outlet
  • Shifting from blogging to podcasting to monetize your craft
  • Dealing with rejection in creativity
  • Transitioning away from blogging
  • Fostering creativity through podcasting
  • Being creative on your own terms—creativity for creativity’s sake
  • They dynamic of two creatives in a marriage + partnership

Smartest person in the room Laura Tremaine


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