Episode 111

Marie Forleo on Productivity & Intuition

February 14, 2017

Marie Forleo, founder of B-School, is on the Being Boss Podcast talking all about intuition, productivity secrets, and daily habits & rituals for being a successful creative entrepreneur and business owner—from getting in the boss mindset to taking care of your physical wellness.

Episode Transcript
"Intuition is like a muscle—the more you use it, the more strength you build."
- Marie Forleo

Discussed in this Episode

  • How Marie Forleo became Marie Forleo, Business Mogul
  • Trusting and following your intuition
  • Honing your craft and developing your skills while supporting yourself financially
  • How B-School started
  • Daily habits and maintaining productivity
  • Failure and struggle (even when you're Marie Forleo)
  • Drawing boundaries when your brand is YOU
  • Dealing with criticisms and complaints
  • Handling success
  • Habits & rituals to enable expansion—exercise and boundaries with our phones

Resources Mentioned

  • Gay Hendricks' idea of "the upper limit" in his book, The Big Leap