Episode #110 // F*ck Fear with Jay Pryor

Episode #110 // F*ck Fear with Jay Pryor

Jay Pryor is joining us to talk about facing your fears and what to do when your worst fears come true because, as bosses, most of the time those things that we’re afraid of are all just in our heads.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Defining fear and how anxiety, guilt, and worry are related to it
  • Fear as a habit
  • Reticular activating system (RAS) and fear
  • Refocusing fear
  • How to find your own integrity
  • Cultivating resilience as a boss

You're having fear


Most of our fear is our projection. Not much of it is happening in this moment. Click To Tweet Give up making it wrong that you're having fear. Click To Tweet Anything that resonates with you in terms of personal development, do it. Click To Tweet What you focus on always expands. Click To Tweet Fear thoughts, worry thoughts, anxiety thoughts—all of those are not productive thoughts. Click To Tweet It's our job to acknowledge this presence within us that's so much more powerful than ego. Click To Tweet

Fear is projection

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