Episode #109 // Packaging, Positioning, and Proces...

Episode #109 // Packaging, Positioning, and Process with Tara Street

Tara Street, Kathleen’s sister and co-owner at Braid Creative, is joining us again today. We’re digging how to package your offering, how to position your brand & business, and how to establish a process that you can repeat with your dream clients to make you feel boss.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Books and movies Tara is into
  • What to do with your business vision changes
  • Pivoting positioning vs. pivoting your business model
  • Tweaking your positioning statement vs. re-doing your entire brand
  • What is positioning?
  • Cultivating confidence in your business and positioning
  • How to develop or update your brand’s positioning
  • Narrowing down to just one main offering

It's hard to label your own struggle


It really comes down to your positioning. How are you articulating what you do to whom? Click To Tweet It's hard to label your own struggle when you're inside the bottle. Click To Tweet Positioning is that sentence that describes to someone meeting you for the first time what you do. Click To Tweet Narrowing in on one offering is not what's going to stop the money coming through the door. Click To Tweet What your brand shows on the outside is part how it really is, but also a little bit aspirational. Click To Tweet

Narrowing in won't stop the money

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