Episode #114 // Blog to Book Deal with Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant

March 7, 2017

Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant shares her journey from blogging to getting a book deal on the Being Boss Podcast. She talks openly about creating a business to help people while still protecting yourself, her journey of writing a book and pitching it to publishers, and making genuine connections with your audience as well as key influencers.

I want everyone in this world to eat one plant-based meal per day. Click To Tweet I want to do something to help people, but I have to protect myself too. Click To Tweet If someone sits down and listens to you talk for 45 minutes, that's an engaged audience member. Click To Tweet Let someone else get the foul balls. Click To Tweet
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"I want everyone in this world to eat one plant-based meal per day."
- Jessica Murnane

Discussed in this Episode

  • The background of One Part Plant
  • Being diagnosed with endometriosis and finding a treatment
  • Switching your business/passion and when to know it's time
  • Creating a business that helps people while protecting your mental health too
  • Wanting to write a book and making it happen
  • Getting a book publisher
  • Understanding your influence beyond your social media numbers
  • The writing process
  • Making connections with big influencers / celebrities + cultivating meaningful relationships


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