Episode #115 // Finding Your Voice

How do you find your voice as a creative entrepreneur? And specifically, how do your find your voice again after you’ve shifted your business, your experience, or your platform for sharing? It’s no secret at this point that we are writing a Being Boss book, and finding our voice has been something that we have had to work to find for this project. Today, we’re giving our best tips for finding your voice, sharing it, getting in a good writing practice, and then allowing your voice to evolve.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Reviewing + analyzing your own work
  • Keeping track of what you want to say + how to find what to say
  • Warming up your writing muscle
  • Establishing a creative process in a partnership
  • Tips on how to find your voice
  • Being mindful about finding your voice

Creativity begets creativity


Do not hoard your ideas. If you have energy around a topic, get it down as much as you can. Click To Tweet Writing is a muscle you have to exercise. Click To Tweet I need to be living my life in order to have something to write about. Click To Tweet Creativity begets creativity. Click To Tweet The setting does not have to be perfect in order to create great content. Click To Tweet Start creating content. It is so important to capture, shape, and share your journey along the way. Click To Tweet


It will take you years to find your voice writing. And even then, it will evolve. Click To Tweet Sometimes inspiration strikes and you have to bend your own rules. Click To Tweet Just put it out there; that's how everyone starts finding their voice. Click To Tweet Put the fear aside; do the thing. Click To Tweet

Put fear aside

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