Episode #116 // Being a New Mom + Business Owner w...

Episode #116 // Being a New Mom + Business Owner with Arianna Taboada

This one is for the mom bosses out there. Arianna Taboada—maternal health consultant—is jamming with us all about being pregnant while running a business, being boss with a baby, and building a family while building a business.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How to baby-proof your business
  • Delegating tasks to extra support to keep your business running while you’re having a baby
  • How to transitioning on and off time off from your business for having a baby
  • Finding support systems to take care of yourself
  • Honing delegation skills in your business + as a mom in life
  • Building support networks and finding what works for you: family care, nanny, daycare, homeschool, meal trains, mom groups, etc.
  • Dealing with mom guilt
  • Getting professional help if you need it

Starting a family as a business owner


Give yourself space to really develop your working mom identity. Click To Tweet Waiting around for the perfect time to start a family—it will never arrive. Click To Tweet Whatever the time you choose to have a family is, you're going to make it perfect for you. Click To Tweet Trust that you have the skills, the confidence, and the grace to find what you need. Click To Tweet No one structure is going to work for everybody. As bosses, we get to decide what structure works for us. Click To Tweet Even if it doesn't feel like it, you're rocking it because you're doing it. Click To Tweet Sometimes the level of help you need is at a professional level of help. Click To Tweet

Rocking being a mom

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