Episode 170

Nurturing Connections with Monique Melton

April 3, 2018

Whether you’re just starting your business or well into your stride, nurturing and building connections as a business owner is everything, so we had to have business and relationship coach, Monique Melton, join us to talk all about it. We’re diving into how to maintain strong relationships even if you’re an introvert or have a fear of rejection, how to get vulnerable enough to ask for help, and why diversity is so important when it comes to building a strong community.

Episode Transcript
"When you're asking for help, you're being vulnerable, and vulnerability brings intimacy and connection to relationships."
- Monique Melton

Discussed in this Episode

  • Monique's entrepreneurial journey
  • Practical ways to maintain relationships
  • How to connect with people when you're an introvert
  • Dealing with rejection in connection
  • How to get vulnerable enough to ask for help
  • Why bringing diversity to your business is important

Resources Mentioned