Episode 174

Figure It Out as You Go with Cathy Heller

May 1, 2018

Today’s episode is one simple (and powerful) reminder: It’s all doable, you just have to figure it out. Cathy Heller of Don’t Keep Your Day Job is sharing the importance of showing up and trying again and again until you find what you’re supposed to be doing. For any boss who has ever doubted themselves, this is an episode you can’t miss.

Episode Transcript
"There are so many ways to make a living and find your tribe and do it in an unconventional way."
- Cathy Heller

Discussed in this Episode

  • Cathy's entrepreneurial journey
  • Having the drive to figure it out
  • Putting yourself out there before you know all the steps along the way
  • What is the most important thing to being successful besides talent?
  • The importance of authentic human connection
  • How to deal with the comparison trap
  • Taking rejection as information
  • Time management tricks when you're going after so many different opportunities