Episode 177

Stop Feeling Like Sh*t with Andrea Owen

May 22, 2018

Andrea Owen of Your Kick-Ass Life joins us to talk about getting in tune with your intuition and emotions so you can master your reactions, attract more abundance, and stop feeling like shit in work and life.


Episode Transcript
"Your feelings are just feelings; they're just part of the human experience. Accept what comes and don't make yourself wrong for it."
- Andrea Owen

Discussed in this Episode

  • Andrea & Kathleen take a moment to geek out about roller derby
  • Andrea's creative entrepreneurial journey
  • Working through and examining what's going wrong in your life
  • Dealing with anxiety as a creative entrepreneur
  • Fear of tapping into your intuition / the fear of success
  • How to choose how you feel
  • Balancing appreciating abundance and striving for the next thing
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Favorite habits & tools to overcome feeling like shit

Resources Mentioned