Episode 197

Modern Mystic Kelley Knight

October 9, 2018

Kelley Knight of Modern Mystic Shop joins us on Being Boss to dive deep into the woo. We’re talking all about where business and spirituality mix, listening to your intuition to feel a solid yes or no when making decisions, how specific to get in manifesting what you want, and the importance of a daily spiritual practice for your business.

Episode Transcript
"How would you be behaving or what choices would you be making if you knew what you were trying to manifest was a for sure thing in the future?"
- Kelley Knight

Discussed in this Episode

  • What is Modern Mystic Shop and how did it come to be?
  • How tarot + the metaphysical life came into Kelley's life
  • Kelley's psychic awakening
  • Feeling safe and secure in the midst of a spiritual awakening and finding a teacher or mentor who will serve your best interest
  • Discerning yes vs. no and intuition
  • Kundalini yoga + expanding your capacity for success
  • Law of Attraction and manifesting
  • Kelley's brick and mortar shop
  • Making time for a daily spiritual practice when you're a business owner

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In this episode, the Taking Action Tarot Spread worksheet was mentioned. Download your copy here!

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