Episode 196

Everyday Tarot with Biddy Tarot

October 2, 2018

Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot is back on Being Boss because she has a new book (Everyday Tarot) to help us incorporate tarot and ritual in our everyday lives (and businesses!). So we’re nerding out about tarot, talking about the creation of Brigit’s book and tarot deck, and even doing a spontaneous tarot reading.


Episode Transcript
"All of the answers that we need—everything that we're seeking—is actually all inside of us and the cards just are reflecting that back into you."
- Brigit Esselmont

Discussed in this Episode

  • Four of Cups to kickoff the conversation
  • All about Brigit's new book!
  • Setting sacred space to do a tarot reading
  • Balancing daily readings and big picture readings
  • Noticing synchronicities and creating daily ritual
  • The creation of the Everyday Tarot deck
  • A self-love reading for Emily & Kathleen
  • Learning to trust your intuitive interpretations of the cards rather than looking up the meanings

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In this episode, the Taking Action Tarot Spread worksheet was mentioned. Download your copy here!

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