Episode #71 // Journaling with Katie Dalebout

Episode #71 // Journaling with Katie Dalebout

Katie Dalebout is a writer, blogger, speaker, and podcaster who curates inspired wisdom that guides people develop a positive image of their bodies by embracing their creativity and personality outside of their physicality. Her own journey was largely fueled by journaling as she talks about in her new book, Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling. And today on Being Boss, she’s talking with us about the power of journaling and how to get started or deepen your journaling practice.

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Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Podcasting as a networking tool and a way to genuinely connect with people (2:38)
  • Journaling as a tool for self discovery (11:24)
  • Finding your voice through journaling (18:04)
  • Dealing with negativity in journaling (20:18)
  • Practical and conceptual journaling prompts (31:59)
  • Tips for getting into journaling (42:00)

Journaling is getting authentic, raw, and real


'Journaling is innate to all of us. It's essentially having a conversation with yourself.' Click To Tweet 'Journaling is a great way to get to know yourself by getting in touch with your intuition.' Click To Tweet 'It's not journaling if you're not being authentic and raw and real.' Click To Tweet 'Keep journaling until you get yourself action steps.' Click To Tweet 'That hand-to-paper movement is a physical thing that can be really powerful.' Click To Tweet

Journaling helps you get touch with your intuition

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