Episode 72

Seasons of Creating with Nicole Antoinette

May 17, 2016

Today we’re chatting with writer and podcaster Nicole Antionette about finding your voice, showing up as you are, seasons of creating, and the importance of sharing your stories.

Episode Transcript
"In order to create wonderful work, you can't be creating all the time."
- Nicole Antoinette

Discussed in this Episode

  • Nicole's creative path
  • Sense of place: How physically moving and the location in which you live facilitates change and molds who you are
  • Sharing your own stories and censoring yourself based on your clients or your work
  • Entrepreneurship vs. creating for the love of the hobby
  • Sponsorship vs. community funded
  • Making connections online vs. in person
  • Boundaries in what you share with your audience
  • Writing and creating content around what's really interesting you in the moment
  • Seasons of creating

Resources Mentioned