Episode 73

Legal Advice for Creatives with Autumn Witt Boyd

May 24, 2016

We’re so excited to finally have a lawyer on the show! Autumn Witt Boyd is an attorney who offers legal solutions for creative entrepreneurs—including contracts, copyrights, trademarks, and entity formation.

Episode Transcript
"If you have a ton of free content on your blog, that's valuable, and you should protect it."
- Autumn Witt Boyd

Discussed in this Episode

  • Working with a lawyer does not have to be scary (8:09)
  • First legal steps creatives can take to set themselves up as a legitimate business (9:25)
  • The difference between trademarking and copyrighting (11:59)
  • The difference between a sole proprietorship, an LLC, and an S-corp (16:00)
  • Having multiple businesses and using a DBA (21:10)
  • Website terms & conditions and privacy policy (24:57)
  • Copycats and when to sue people or take legal action (29:10)
  • Taking legal action against haters (33:58)
  • Filing a DMCA takedown notice (36:32)
  • Intellectual property vs. copyrighting (40:21)
  • When to hire a lawyer in your business (41:34)
  • Self-publishing books and protecting your work (44:13)
  • Contracts, Affiliate agreements, and giving others your content (46:16)

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